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Yeh Hai Chahatein 4th December 2023 Written Update: Mahima tries to instigate Karun against Kaashvi

Yeh Hai Chahatein 4th December 2023 Written Update on

In this episode, Kaashvi and Arjun discover that Simran and Micky are staying at the Sunshine hotel. They decide to go there, but Vishal expresses his desire to accompany them. However, Kaashvi objects to Vishal joining them. Meanwhile, Mahima informs Romila that she is going to a kitty party, disregarding Micky’s disappearance. Romila scolds her for neglecting the situation and warns that Kaashvi’s return may cause them to lose everything. Mahima dismisses Romila’s concerns and leaves. However, she later admits to herself that Romila may be right.

Vishal informs Aditya that Kaashvi and Arjun have left for the Sunshine hotel and requests Aditya to attend their training session. Aditya wonders why Kaashvi involved Arjun in this case and believes that she should have informed him as he is her boss.

Meanwhile, Mahima tears up Kaashvi’s photo, determined not to let her steal Arjun away. She recalls her efforts to remove Kaashvi from the house and questions Kaashvi’s return. Karun notices Mahima’s behavior and asks if she knows Kaashvi. This surprises Mahima, who decides to turn Karun against Kaashvi. She lies, claiming that Kaashvi stayed with her five years ago and committed many wrongdoings. Mahima urges Karun to stay away from Kaashvi, but he mentions that Kaashvi treated him well and intends to talk to her.

Later, Karun arrives at Kaashvi’s office and discovers that she is at the Sunshine hotel. He hides in Aditya’s car trunk. Meanwhile, Arjun and Kaashvi reach the hotel and inquire about Simran and Micky at the reception. However, they are denied any information without a warrant. Arjun devises a plan and takes Kaashvi to the backside of the hotel, showing her a pipeline they can use to enter. Despite her doubts, Arjun reassures her, citing his training. While climbing the pipe, Arjun falls, and Kaashvi tries to save him but also falls. They share an intense moment.

Just then, Aditya arrives and witnesses Arjun and Kaashvi in a hugging position. He confronts Kaashvi, demanding an explanation. Kaashvi reveals everything to him, explaining that Micky is Arjun’s brother. Aditya criticizes her for involving Arjun in the case, stating that it is unprofessional. He shows her the search warrant and reminds her that Arjun is still a trainee and should not be involved. Aditya leaves with Kaashvi and the police. Simran sees Kaashvi and informs Micky that they should escape since Kaashvi has arrived.

The episode ends with a preview showing Simran pushing Karun, and Kaashvi stepping in to protect him. Kaashvi slaps Simran, while Mahima tells Romila that Karun will come to hate Kaashvi.


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