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May I Come In Madam Upcoming Story: Kashmira to held Sajan captive!

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Star Bharat’s show May I Come In Madam S2 is providing viewers with a delightful comedy experience. In the upcoming episodes, Kashmira becomes suspicious of Sajan’s behavior and decides to keep a close watch on him. This raises the question of what will unfold in the future.

Currently, Kashmira and Sanjana come face to face, but Khiloni prevents them from discussing Kashmira’s paintings. Ashu appreciates the artwork, prompting Sanjana to keep it, much to Kashmira’s delight.

Sajan upsets Sanjana by speaking ill of Chedilal. He tries to convince her with lies. Sanjana expresses her dissatisfaction with not receiving enough attention from Chedilal and asks Sajan to kidnap her. Meanwhile, Gulabiya advises Kashmira to keep an eye on Sajan. Later, Kashmira overhears a conversation between Sajan and Khiloni, leading to a misunderstanding.

In the upcoming episode, Ramvati will enter the room and inquire about what happened. Bhupesh will attempt to restrain Sajan, while Kashmira seeks Ramvati’s assistance in tying him up. Ramvati will sit on Sajan, leaving him and Bhupesh astounded.

Kashmira demands that Sajan reveal the truth, making him promise on his family members. Ramvati discloses that Sajan has no family members. Despite being tied to the bed, Sajan claims to have relatives and warns Ramvati of the consequences if they find out about her actions.

To everyone’s surprise, Kashmira discovers a message on Sajan’s phone from Sanjana, asking about his whereabouts and mentioning that they need to run.

Will Sajan be able to clarify Kashmira’s misunderstanding? Stay tuned to for more updates on what’s happening next.


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