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Saubhagyavati Bhava 4th December 2023 Written Update: Siya outsmarts Avinash

Saubhagyavati Bhava 2 4th December 2023 Written Update on

In this episode, Siya informs Raghav’s mother that something seems suspicious because she couldn’t find Avinash in the hospital. She decides to stay with the patient at all times. While outside the room, Siya encounters a pregnant lady sitting on the floor. Siya tells her to get up and insists they go to the doctor.

Avinash witnesses this and enters the patient’s room. He informs Raghav’s mother that he has obtained Siya’s statement and has come to collect a DNA sample from Raghav for a DNA test. Raghav’s mother mentions that Siya should also be present. The police inspector informs her that they have a government order and do not require Siya’s permission. Nandini assures Avinash that she will support him as long as he follows the law. Avinash promises not to break the promises he made to her. Nandini takes a DNA sample from the patient.

Siya helps the pregnant lady who was unable to get up. Just as Siya is about to take her to the doctor, the lady drops the pillow. Siya realizes something is wrong and rushes back to the room. Avinash explains to Siya that they are taking care of Raghav in her absence. Siya questions why he is there, to which he replies that he was merely doing his duty. He informs her that they have taken a DNA sample from Raghav for testing, and the results will confirm whether the patient is Raghav or not. Siya warns him that she will take action against him once the DNA test results favor her.

Later, Avinash receives the test results and is shocked. The police inspector asks him what happened, and he reveals that the patient’s DNA sample matches with Raghav’s DNA. He questions how this is possible when Siya’s family had supposedly killed Raghav.

Meanwhile, Siya encourages the patient to eat and removes her face bandage. The patient addresses Siya as her sister-in-law and informs her that she is fine. Siya feels guilty that Raghav’s sister, Risha, is going through this because of her. Risha reveals that her mother had told her everything and that Raghav had even tortured her. Siya states that Avinash did not anticipate these DNA test results and promises to ensure that Raghav’s case is closed. Risha expresses her gratitude to Siya for finding her.

Avinash questions Nandini if she made a mistake, but she scolds him and leaves. Avinash commends Siya for playing well.

The next day, Dadi gets scared, but Siya and Viraj succeed in making Khushi smile. Khushi asks Siya if she will become her mother.

The episode ends with Siya telling Viraj that they must execute the final move, and Dadi receives a threat letter.

Precap – Siya informs Viraj that they need to carry out the final plan, and Dadi receives a threatening letter.


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