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Pandya Store 7th December 2023 Written Update: Suman gets worried for Natasha

Pandya Store 7th December 2023 Spoilers on

The latest episode begins with Dhawal becoming emotional as he reads a heartfelt letter from Amresh. Dhawal confronts Hetal, expressing his disappointment in her lack of trust and favoring Natasha over him. Amresh reveals that Hetal and Amba witnessed his struggles and the rules he implemented were meant to maintain unity within the family. He acknowledges that Amba has been the only person to support him throughout his life, feeling abandoned by everyone else. The entire family is moved by the contents of the letter, realizing Amresh believes he is being questioned and seen as the wrongdoer, leading him to leave the house.

In the letter, Amresh explains that he is the main obstacle to their happiness and questions why they would search for him. He mentions his final responsibility before leaving, signing a blank paper to hand over the business and family to Dhawal. Pranali informs Bhavin that Amresh has shown him his true place by giving the business to Dhawal instead of him. She taunts Bhavin for always being subservient to Amresh, and now he can work for Dhawal. Bhavin signals her to stop. Amresh advises Dhawal to let Natasha have her way in his personal life but never let the family break apart. Dhawal breaks down after reading the letter, and even Hetal is devastated.

Natasha walks aimlessly on the road, contemplating Dhawal getting her signature and Chiku’s accusation. She recalls telling Dhawal that she has decided not to stay with him. She wonders what she should do and where she should go. Suman tries to call Natasha, but the call doesn’t connect. She becomes worried about Natasha and questions Chiku why he is so angry that his love for his sister is being suppressed. Chiku explains how Pandya Store was filled with members of the Pandya family and kept them alive. Suman tells Chiku that he cannot sacrifice his relationship with someone who is present for those who are not.

Chiku realizes he can’t explain to Suman that everything that happened is because of the Makwanas. Amba angrily slaps Dhawal multiple times, blaming him for tearing down the foundation of their house. She praises him for taking their father’s support away from her children once again. Amba reveals that Amresh has always sacrificed everything for the family, and now he has left everything in Dhawal’s name. She breaks down in tears and pleads with them to go and find Amresh.

Dhawal expresses that he doesn’t care about any property, only Amresh. He receives a call informing him that Amresh’s car has been found. Chirag, Bhavin, and Dhawal go to investigate. Meanwhile, Natasha experiences kidney pain and sits by the side of the road. Suman tells Chiku to reminisce about memories while she goes to find Natasha. Chiku stops her and decides to check on Natasha himself, bringing Mithu along. Suman takes Sesh with her. Dhawal passes by Natasha without noticing her, and even Chiku passes without seeing her. Natasha notices them heading towards the Makwana house and worries that if they discover she’s not there, it will be a problem. The episode ends with Dhawal finding Amresh’s car in a bad condition after an accident.

In the next episode, Dhawal will hand divorce papers to Natasha. He reveals that he has already signed them and urges Natasha to sign as well. Natasha signs the divorce papers and throws them at Dhawal.


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