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May I Come In Madam 7th December 2023 Written Update: Sajan misunderstands Sanjana’s statement

May I Come In Madam 7th December 2023 Written Update on

The latest episode of “May I Come In Madam” begins with Bhupesh expressing his frustration to Ramvati about having to handle both office and household chores on his own. Ramvati reminds him about the last time he contributed money for household expenses. Kashmira then enters the scene with a pair of smelly socks belonging to Sajan and declares that she doesn’t want any woman to go near him as he is suffering from a cold. Bhupesh tells Kashmira that her actions have made him lose trust in marriage. Sajan arrives and mocks Bhupesh, leading Ramvati to scold him. Sajan gets ready for office but suspects the smell coming from his socks. However, Kashmira tricks him with the help of Ramvati.

In the office, Sajan eagerly waits for Sanjana. When she finally arrives, she senses a bad odor and enters the elevator without greeting Sajan. Confused, Sajan follows her inside. Sanjana starts feeling suffocated by the smell and suspects the peon. She seeks Sajan’s help, and he agrees. After coming out of the elevator, Sajan mocks the peon. Sanjana realizes that the odor is coming from Sajan’s socks and leaves after complimenting his pants, leaving Sajan confused.

Meanwhile, at Agarwal’s house, Kashmira tries to get some gossip from Gulabiya. Initially, Gulabiya refuses, but Kashmira manipulates her into sharing the information. Gulabiya reveals that one of the colony residents is getting divorced because her partner didn’t spend enough time with her due to workloads. She emphasizes the importance of spending time with one’s partner to prevent divorces. Gulabiya then shares her plan for the next day with her partner and leaves. Inspired by this conversation, Kashmira decides to spend time with Sajan.

On the other hand, Sanjana discusses her suffocation issue caused by the bad odor with her friend on a call. She is embarrassed to inform Sajan about it but doesn’t want to continue suffering. Her friend advises her to talk to Sajan about the issue for her own well-being. Just as Sajan arrives, he misinterprets Sanjana’s statement about him and her friend, thinking that Sanjana wants to confess her love to him.

Later, Sajan meets Khiloni and shares his misunderstanding about Sanjana’s confession of love. Khiloni senses the bad odor and informs Sajan about it, but Sajan slaps him, accusing him of being jealous. Back at home, Kashmira expresses her desire to spend the entire day with Sajan. This shocks Sajan, and he initially refuses. However, Kashmira’s persistent persuasion annoys him, leading him to shout at her. Just then, he encounters a possessed Kashmira, who forces him to take a day off from the office and punishes him.

The next day, Sajan seeks Khiloni’s help to secretly go to the office and meet Sanjana. Khiloni agrees to assist him. Sajan then calls Kashmira from a public telephone, pretending to be from his office, and asks her to send him to work immediately. However, Kashmira refuses and hangs up. Sajan wonders how he can go to the office without Kashmira finding out.

In the upcoming episode, Sanjana will make an attempt to express her thoughts to Sajan but will face difficulties. However, Sajan will encourage her to share what’s on her mind. Stay tuned for the next episode!


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