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Pandya Store Upcoming Story: Dhawal to sacrifice his relationship for Pandya Store

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Pandya Store is a popular show on Star Plus. In the recent episodes, Dhawal and Makwanas received a letter from Amresh, which left them devastated. In a shocking turn of events, Dhawal himself will hand over divorce papers to Natasha. But why would he do that?

In the previous episode, Dhawal was emotional after reading Amresh’s letter. Amresh mentioned feeling like a wrongdoer in his own family, so he decided to leave the house. He also signed a blank paper, giving Dhawal ownership of the business and the family. Dhawal was heartbroken upon reading the letter.

Meanwhile, Natasha was unsure about what to do and where to go. Suman, worried about Natasha, tried calling her but couldn’t reach her. Chiku, aware of the situation caused by the Makwanas, kept it a secret from Suman. Dhawal expressed that he only wants Amresh, not any property. He received a call informing him that Amresh’s car had been found.

While passing by Natasha, Dhawal didn’t notice her. Natasha, aware of the Makwana’s intentions, worried that they might find out she wasn’t there. Dhawal found Amresh’s car in a bad condition after it had been in an accident.

In the upcoming episode, Dhawal will hand over divorce papers to Natasha. He will reveal that he has already signed them and will ask Natasha to do the same. Natasha, feeling upset, will sign the papers and throw them at Dhawal.

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