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Vanshaj Upcoming Story: Dj tries to win Bhanu’s trust!

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Dj secretly tries to cause trouble for Yuvika and disrupt her support system, making Vanshaj incredibly entertaining and full of drama.

In the most recent episode, Isha receives her photoshoot pictures, and Simone expresses her excitement for Isha’s pictures being published in renowned magazines. Dj attempts to gain Bhanu and Yuvika’s trust by participating in the morning aarti.

Bhoomi also notices Dj’s presence and becomes suspicious. Vidur asks Neel if he will be dropping off Yuvika. Neel responds that he and Yuvika do not perceive any difference in their social status and reminds Vidur that she is a Nagar, not a Mahajan.

Harsh arrives and informs Vidur that they need to vacate the house, handing them a notice. Vidur advises Neel to drop off Yuvika and return, as it would be better for them to distance themselves from the Mahajans sooner. Yuvika waits for Neel, but when he doesn’t arrive on time, she leaves by taking an auto. Neel feels devastated and apologizes in his mind to Yuvika.

Yuvika approaches the laborers and expresses her desire to talk to them. They invite her to join them for lunch. The laborers offer to have their salary reduced so that Yuvika doesn’t have to bear the burden alone. Yuvika jokingly interacts with them and later suggests that instead of cutting their salary, she would like to request them to increase their working hours.

In the next episode, Vidur warns Dada babu about Dj and Dhanraj’s intentions. Neel goes to the office for an interview and addresses Yuvika as “madam.” Will Dj succeed in creating misunderstandings between Neel and Yuvika?

To find out what happens next, keep watching Vanshaj and stay updated on this space.


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