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Udaariyaan Upcoming Story: Aasmaa to teach Alia a lesson

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Colors TV show Udaariyaan is currently portraying the cunning entry of Alia into Aasmaa and Armaan’s lives, deceiving Raja. Aasmaa has decided to teach Alia a lesson and begins executing her plan. Will Aasmaa be successful in defeating Alia?

In the previous episode, Alia revealed to Aasmaa how she manipulated Raja emotionally and deceived him into marrying her. Aasmaa slapped Alia for her cheap tricks and made it clear that Armaan will never return to her. Alia challenged Aasmaa, claiming that Armaan himself will make her leave the house.

Alia fabricated a story, stating that she did everything to keep Raja safe and prevent him from harming himself. Ekam blamed Aasmaa for ruining Alia’s life. Later, Aasmaa arranged for Alia’s muh dikhai ritual.

Alia questioned Aasmaa about the purpose of her dramatic actions. Aasmaa responded that she understands the language of drama, hence she had to do all this. She asked Alia to be patient and promised that she would understand everything soon. Armaan confronted Aasmaa regarding her actions, and she requested his support for her plan.

In the upcoming episode, Aasmaa and Armaan will attempt to console Raja, who is crying and feeling inadequate because his wife, Alia, is upset with him. Aasmaa will pour a bucket of water on Alia and ask her to get ready.

To find out what happens next, stay tuned to this space for more updates.


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