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Pandya Store Upcoming Story: How will Amresh convince Dhawal?

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Star Plus’s show Pandya Store these days is showing how after demolishing Pandya Store both Dhawal and Natasha are left shaken. Dhawal tries to assist Natasha however she denies. With instances getting complicated we can see Dhawal turning in parting papers to her.

Within the earlier episode, physician known as Dhawal to tell that he can tug Natasha house next clearing the clinic expenses. Dhawal hurriedly reaches clinic however Natasha herself will pay herself. Dhawal requests Natasha to unmistakable the door however Natasha denies.

Dhawal additionally sits on alternative aspect of door and tells Natasha either one of them want each and every alternative. Natasha assists in keeping crying and so does Dhawal.
Dhawal thinks Natasha’s condition might become worse arguing with him so he must paintings moderately. Pandyas share a group hug emotionally.

Natasha assists in keeping crying and Dhawal reaches there too. He’s on alternative aspect of wall and feels helpless too. Dhawal assists in keeping an seeing on Natasha and sits there reverse to her with out letting her know of his presence.

Within the later episode, Dhawal will quit parting papers to Natasha and say that she had instructed that him coming in her generation has introduced in I’ll good fortune so she must signal it.

Amresh can be proven with bandage on his head. Natasha will signal the parting papers and throw at Dhawal.

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