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Vanshaj Upcoming Story: Bhanu sacrifices his share of property!

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Isha and Arjun are busy with a photoshoot while Yuvika keeps calling Isha repeatedly. Yuvika urgently asks Isha to come back home as soon as possible. Bhanu advises Subhadra to stop beating around the bush and speak her mind. Dhanraj tells Gargi that they might have to skip the party because they can’t miss the one at home, especially now that Subhadra is back.

Subhadra demands her eleven percent share that actually belongs to Bhanu. Gargi explains to Dhanraj that they will ultimately have the money. Gargi also mentions that Dj will become the head of the Mahajan Family since they will have a larger share in the property.

Bhanu says to Subhadra that he is willing to give up his 11 percent share of the Mahajan family. However, he makes it clear that he won’t misuse the money. Neel becomes disturbed thinking about Dj and Yuvika and accidentally hits Dj’s car on the road. This leads to a heated argument between them.

Neel tells Dj that he is a loser, which angers Dj and leads to them pushing each other. Vidur arrives and tries to separate them. Dj pretends to be the victim when he sees Yuvika approaching. Yuvika tells Neel to stay out of their family matters, which hurts him. After Neel leaves, Dj calls someone and reveals that his plan is working in his favor. He confidently states that a big storm is about to hit Yuvika.

In the next episode, Dj flirts with Simone and expresses his gratitude for her help. He informs Simone that he intends to attack Yuvika from all angles. Meanwhile, Bhoomi suggests that Yuvika should give Dj a chance to understand what he’s thinking.

To find out more about the storm that is about to engulf Yuvika and her family, continue watching Vanshaj. Stay tuned to for further updates.


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