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Pandya Store Upcoming Story: How will Natasha clear Dhawal’s misunderstanding?

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Star Plus’s show Pandya Store is currently depicting a scene where Dhawal overhears Sandeep talking negatively about Natasha and ends up beating him up. However, Natasha does not support Dhawal. Meanwhile, both Dhawal and Isha’s marriage have been arranged.

In the previous episode, Isha returns Dhara’s bangles to Natasha. She explains that Yash gave them to her during a marriage proposal. Dhawal witnesses Natasha and Isha hugging.

Natasha goes home and gives Dhara’s bangles to Chiku, informing him that Isha returned them. She also shares the news of Isha’s upcoming marriage. Chiku believes that while the store may undergo renovation, he will seek revenge for what Natasha has been through.

Dhawal loses his temper upon hearing Sandeep’s derogatory remarks about Natasha and his inappropriate intentions towards her. He beats Sandeep severely. Natasha questions Dhawal about his actions. The priest advises them to perform the Ganesh puja before starting the rituals the following day. The wedding date is set for the 25th.

Rohan calls Amba and asks to speak to Isha. Amba warns Isha not to talk to Chiku. Later, she informs Dhawal about the finalized wedding date.

In the upcoming episode, Chiku and Isha will be seen near a cliff where Chiku will fill Isha’s hairline with his blood. Dhawal will blame Natasha for encouraging Isha to marry Chiku. He tells her that his family was embarrassed because of her and announces his haldi ritual with Suhani the next day.

Stay tuned to to find out what happens next.


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