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Pandya Store Upcoming Story: How will Suman’s move effect Makwanas?

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Star Plus’s show Pandya Store is currently portraying the separation of Natasha and Dhawal, who are now heading for a divorce. In the upcoming episodes, Dhawal’s family will express their desire to get him remarried.

In the previous episode, Suman realized that something was amiss when Pandya Store was demolished and apologized to Natasha for not understanding earlier. Chiku also apologized to Natasha. Natasha, determined to move on, stated that it was time for her to do so. Meanwhile, Dhawal drowned his sorrows in alcohol and ended up lying inebriated, all alone.

Amresh receives the divorce papers from their lawyer. Amba questions whether the divorce will be finalized immediately. Hetal, shocked by the news, accidentally drops a tray upon hearing this. Amba is taken aback when the lawyer explains that the divorce process is lengthy and will require time.

Dhawal enters the room and insists that no false accusations should be made against Natasha, regardless of the duration of the process. The lawyer argues that unless Natasha is proven mentally ill, they might try to prove her characterless.

The police encourage Natasha to file a case against the Makwanas. Suman shares the same sentiment, but Natasha hesitates. Dhawal, overcome with anger, loses control and physically assaults the lawyer. The lawyer questions why Dhawal is separating from his wife if he loves her so much. Natasha is shocked when she sees a group of women protesting and Suman urges them to march to the Makwana house.

In the upcoming episode, Natasha will be given a period of six weeks to consider the divorce, but she will refuse. The lawyer will then schedule a date for the following week, explaining that if they have not consummated their marriage, they may be able to get divorced immediately.

To find out what happens next, stay tuned to this space.


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