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Udaariyaan Upcoming Story: Alia provokes Armaan against Aasmaa

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The popular Colors show Udaariyaan is currently delivering intense drama as Alia and Aasmaa face off against each other. In the upcoming episodes, Aasmaa will witness Sukhi physically abusing Rano, but Rano urges her to keep this a secret from Armaan.

In the previous episode, Sukhi attacked Rano, causing her to get injured. Aasmaa noticed this and asked Rano about it. Rano pleaded with Aasmaa not to tell anyone about it, blaming Aasmaa for the incident.

Later, Sukhi argued with Rano about Aasmaa and demanded that she talk to her father. He believed that if Ekam apologized, everything would be resolved. Aasmaa told Sukhi that he shouldn’t raise his hand against her. Rano then asked Aasmaa to promise not to reveal the truth to anyone, and Aasmaa agreed.

Armaan became curious about the situation and asked Rano about it. Bebe sent him away before he could learn more. Alia, on the other hand, wanted to create problems in Aasmaa’s life.

Armaan decided to help Aasmaa by washing dishes. Sukhi didn’t like this and scolded Armaan. Aasmaa stood up against Sukhi, which further provoked Alia against her.

In the upcoming episode, viewers will witness Alia attacking Rano while she’s sleeping to frame Sukhi. Armaan will intervene and question Alia, twisting her hand behind her back. Alia will reveal that there is no difference between Sukhi and his father, as his father also abuses his mother daily. Aasmaa is already aware of this, leaving Armaan shocked.

Will Aasmaa expose Alia? How will she handle this difficult situation?

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