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Pashminna Dhaage Mohabbat Ka 8th December 2023 Written Update: Pashminna learns about Preeti’s misunderstanding

Pashminna Dhaage Mohabbat Ka 8th December 2023 Written Update on

In this episode of Pashminna Dhaage Mohabbat Ka, Preeti reveals that Pashminna’s lover is Paras. Baby informs Raghav’s family to have some sweets. Raghav remembers Pashminna saying that she doesn’t love Paras. Paras insists Fatima to have some sweets and confidently states that no one can reject him. Baby admits that she knew about Paras and Pashminna’s love story. Preeti claims that she and Pashminna are like friends. Raghav questions Preeti about when Pashminna confessed her love for Paras, and Preeti narrates everything to him.

Mohana congratulates Preeti, and Paras asks Raghav whether he believes that Pashminna is his fiancé. Ayesha defends Raghav, saying that he is a businessman and tends to ask many questions. She advises Paras to ignore it and takes Raghav aside for a conversation.

Pashminna confides in Fatima about how her dreams are about to come true. Fatima asks Pashminna if she has discussed her love with anyone. She wonders why Preeti is talking about Pashminna and Paras’ marriage when Pashminna actually likes Raghav. Fatima recalls seeing Raghav hugging Ayesha.

Preeti’s father blesses Pashminna and gives her shagun for her wedding. Pashminna asks Preeti if she has revealed everything to her parents, to which Preeti replies that her choice is their choice.

Ayesha confesses her feelings to Raghav, acknowledging that she knows she is just his friend, but he is her soulmate. She cries and expresses her fear of losing him. Ayesha declares that she can’t live without him and doesn’t care if Raghav doesn’t believe in love. She asks him if he will marry her out of love. Raghav remembers Avinash’s advice not to hurt Ayesha and realizes that her love is enough for them. He decides to talk to Pashminna, assures Ayesha that he will return soon, and leaves.

Preeti tells Pashminna that she must be searching for her true love. Paras arrives and assures Pashminna that he won’t leave her alone after marriage. Baby informs Pashminna that Paras saved her. Paras emphasizes that he saved her, not Raghav, and declares that he can even die for his future wife. Fatima wonders if Pashminna is truly happy with this marriage. Amrin takes Fatima away, and Pashminna realizes that Preeti has misunderstood her love.

Later, a nurse hands Pashminna her bag, and she discovers Raghav’s ring inside. She recollects telling Preeti that she loves Raghav. Avinash arrives and reveals himself as Ayesha’s father. He thanks Pashminna for saving Raghav’s life.

Preeti appears and advises Pashminna to rest, stating that visiting hours are over. Pashminna understands that Preeti is angry. Avinash believes that he needs to inform Pashminna about Raghav’s engagement to Ayesha. Pashminna learns that Avinash has a rare blood group, RH Null, and he leaves. He encounters Raghav and accuses Pashminna of playing with his feelings.

The episode concludes with Paras proposing to Pashminna in the upcoming episode.


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