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Parineetii 8th December 2023 Written Update: Neeti vows destruction

Parineetii 8th December 2023 Written Update on

The episode begins with Neeti confronting Sanju about his feelings towards her. She questions if he has forgotten her and if she still holds a place in his life. Meanwhile, Chandrika accidentally bumps into Babli and reveals that she thinks she has fallen in love with someone. Babli denies being in love but admits that she enjoys witnessing Sanju’s love for Parineet. Gurinder interrupts their conversation and instructs them to continue working. Neeti persists in asking Sanju if he remembers her from the past few days. Although she knows the answer, she wants to hear it from him. Sanju confesses that he doesn’t miss her. Meanwhile, Gurinder tells Chandrika that they used to lie about Sanju’s love for Parineet, but now they are trying to make it real. She explains that Sanju married Parineet to protect her father’s reputation, but he only loves Neeti and cares for Parineet. Chandrika disagrees and refuses to accept Neeti as her daughter-in-law. Gurinder tells her to be quiet and consoles Babli. Later, Neeti accuses Sanju of lying and expresses her desire to reconcile with him. However, Sanju firmly states that they no longer have a relationship and that he has moved on with his life. He declares his intention to marry Parineet.

Neeti desperately tries to stop Sanju from leaving by holding his hand, but he walks away. Sanju then offers water to Parineet, which hurts Neeti even more. Bebe arrives and Neeti shares how insulted she feels. Meanwhile, Chandrika finalizes her mehandi design, while Gurinder becomes increasingly angry. She suggests that Neeti might have regretted her mistakes and asks if Sanju met Neeti alone. Sanju asserts that Parineet is his daughter-in-law now and he is no longer interested in Neeti. He knows that Gurinder likes Neeti, but they have no relationship anymore. Gurinder feels unheard and the mehandi designer tells Parineet that the color of her mehandi stain will reflect how much her husband loves her. Sanju helps Parineet remove the mehandi, which upsets Gurinder. She blames Neeti for ruining everything. Bebe asks Neeti what happened, and Neeti recounts how Sanju insulted her. She vows to never forget what he did to her and questions why he entered her life. Neeti tells Bebe everything that happened between her and Sanju.

Neeti recalls Sanju’s words that they have no relationship and that he is committed to Parineet. Meanwhile, Sanju finishes removing the mehandi, and Chandrika asks Parineet to show the color of the stain. They tease Parineet about how much her husband will love her. Neeti questions why God always supports Parineet’s mistakes and punishes her for things she didn’t do. She yearns for Sanju to come back to her and swears to stop the wedding. She declares that no one can take Sanju away from her and that she will no longer worship God for favoring Parineet. Neeti vows to destroy the happiness of those who have caused her pain. Bebe and Gurinder discuss Neeti’s sadness, and Bebe suggests they support her. Parminder teases Sanju and asks if he truly loves Parineet. Sanju responds that they respect each other and shares his feelings for Parineet.

Neeti sets fire to the decorations, fueled by her anger towards Sanju’s actions and Parineet’s supposed betrayal. She refuses to let them be happy and vows to prevent their wedding from taking place.

Episode ends.

Precap: Sanju argues with Neeti, and Neeti plans to ruin Parineet’s beauty.


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