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Udaariyaan 8th December 2023 Written Update: Armaan lashes out at Alia

Udaariyaan 8th December 2023 Written Update on

The episode begins with Aasmaa informing everyone that Alia has arrived. She will be cooking the food using a wood oven and insists on doing it alone. Chachi agrees with her, mentioning that Aasmaa always prefers cooking alone and that she makes delicious food. Chachi then teases Alia, asking if she knows how to cook well. Alia responds by saying that she knows how to fool everyone, making a joke out of it. However, Alia assures them that she can cook tasty food too. Aasmaa instructs her to start cooking, but Alia struggles to light the fire on the wood and finds it difficult to breathe. Aasmaa laughs at her, asking her to also prepare curry. Alia makes faces upon seeing the vegetables and excuses herself. Everyone laughs at her, and Alia tells them to take a rest. Alia then confidently tells Aasmaa that she will prove her wrong and take her out of that place within five minutes. She starts counting, but Aasmaa hears Raja’s voice and rushes out to check on him.

Armaan advises Raja not to ride the bike, but he does it anyway without any control. Alia recalls how she asked Raja to take her to the temple on his bike and realizes that she can’t break her fast without it. Armaan questions Alia’s intentions with Raja, and Aasmaa quickly approaches Alia and asks her to come out. Alia mocks her, and Raja falls off the bike. Alia warns Aasmaa that she will play similar games if she tries to mess with her again. She pretends to care for Raja, and Aasmaa suggests taking him to the hospital as his hand seems dislocated. Armaan suspects that Alia is behind the incident. The doctor examines Raja and concludes that there is no fracture but suggests getting an X-ray. Armaan takes Alia away, followed by Aasmaa. Armaan confronts Alia, claiming that he knows she caused the accident. Alia denies it, stating that she wouldn’t do anything to harm Raja as she is fasting for him. Armaan accuses her of asking Raja to learn to ride the bike. Alia defends herself, saying that Raja might have misunderstood and thought of imitating Armaan, who took Aasmaa on a bike. Raja agrees with Alia, realizing that he may have been confused. Armaan remains skeptical, while Alia pleads with them not to think she would hurt Raja. The family scolds Armaan for his anger, and Aasmaa takes him away. Alia is satisfied with the confusion she has caused, and nobody knows who is right or wrong. Aasmaa questions Armaan’s impulsive actions, stating that they should have thought things through before taking action. Armaan justifies himself by saying that Alia was hurting his brother, and he couldn’t stay silent. Meanwhile, Alia kisses Raja and manipulates him against his family members.

Alia advises Raja not to talk to Aasmaa the way Armaan does and assures him that no one cares about him except her. Armaan tells Aasmaa that Alia is using Raja for her own plans. Aasmaa acknowledges this but cannot reveal it to him. Later, Raja consoles Alia, and Armaan tells Aasmaa that Raja is his brother and Alia entered his life because of him. He cannot allow her to ruin Raja’s life. Aasmaa asks Armaan to control his anger and promises to talk to Alia. She warns him not to do anything that could harm Raja, making him promise her.

Episode end.

Aasmaa falls into Alia’s trap.


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