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Suhaagan 8th December 2023 Written Update: Bindiya falls into Payal’s trap

Suhaagan 8th December 2023 Written Update on

The episode begins with Indu requesting Krishna and Payal to go to Delhi. Payal is concerned that her plans will be exposed if she goes there for the court hearing. Payal asks Indu how she will travel to Delhi for the court hearing. Krishna assures them that the safety of their baby is their priority and suggests that Bindiya stay in his room and house. Krishna takes Payal away from there. Baldev questions Bindiya about Payal’s plotting. Bindiya reveals that Payal is a greedy person who will not leave easily. Payal asks the doctor to provide a report stating that she cannot travel during this time.

Meanwhile, Dadi and Tulsi’s parents are at the hospital. The doctor examines Tulsi and confirms that the baby is fine. Another doctor recalls Payal asking her to record a video of Bindiya’s conversation. The doctor records a conversation between Tulsi and Bindiya, where Dadi confesses everything.

Tulsi expresses her gratitude to Bindiya, but Bindiya insists that they are good friends and there is no need for thanks. The doctor takes the video. Indu gives money to Payal, who is going far away. Payal says that she doesn’t miss her mom after meeting her. Payal receives a surprising message containing Dadi’s confession video. Payal realizes that she is a smart person and recalls how she noticed Bindiya’s name in the patient’s record. The doctor calls Payal, who informs her that she will pay her one lakh rupees. However, she has a few more tasks to complete.

Meanwhile, Krishna brings the luggage and Indu expresses how much she will miss him. He asks her to meet him in Delhi and requests that she takes care of Payal. He explains that he is going far away to protect his child. Vickram informs Sakshi that his plan has been successful for the first time. Sakshi reminds him that they cannot celebrate until they board the flight. Baldev asks Bindiya why Payal agreed to leave, but she has no answer.

Payal sends a message to Bindiya and shows her the video. Bindiya is shocked by its contents. Payal warns Bindiya that her game is over if she shows the video to everyone. She adds that Krishna will consider her a betrayer from now on. Bindiya admits that she is also a liar, but Payal claims that she won’t get caught like her. Payal mentions that Krishna doesn’t like lying and tells Bindiya that she must leave the house or else she will expose the video to everyone. Bindiya refuses to leave and challenges Payal to face the consequences. Payal sends the video to Krishna, and he watches it. As Bindiya reaches the stairs, Payal holds her hand and claims that it’s time to create evidence against her. She shouts for Bindiya to let go of her hand, attracting everyone’s attention. Payal intentionally falls down and pretends to faint. Krishna takes her to the hospital, while Baldev glares at Bindiya.

Sakshi discovers the confession video and admits that she never thought Payal could be more cunning than her. Krishna admits Payal to the hospital. Bindiya shares her grief with God and explains to Baldev that Payal framed her by making her fall down and sending the video to Krishna. She laments that Payal always wins and she is left with a bad name in front of Krishna. Baldev admits that they made a mistake by not revealing the truth to everyone earlier. Payal complains to the doctor that she is in a lot of pain due to a miscarriage. The doctor mocks her and gives her fake blood to splash on the bed. Sakshi consoles Indu, while Vickram tells Krishna that he has seen the video and can’t believe Bindiya could do such a thing. Krishna agrees and expresses his disbelief. He believes that Bindiya has ruined everything.

The episode ends.

Precap: The police arrests Bindiya.


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