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Pyaar Ka Pehla Adhyaya Shiv Shakti 16th December 2023 Written Update: Mandira’s plan goes awry

Pyaar Ka Pehla Adhyaya Shiv Shakti 16th December 2023 Written Update on BtownMagic.com

The episode begins with Shiv taking Gayatri to the hospital. Mandira wonders how Gayatri managed to escape from her cage. Raghunath stops Gayatri and asks her how dare she leave the house. Gayatri apologizes to Raghunath and explains that she had a reason to step out of the house today. Gayatri asserts that today she is not his wife or a member of the Kashyap family, but she is simply Shiv’s mother.

Gayatri and Shiv enter Bhagwati’s room. Gayatri lovingly kisses Shakti on the forehead. Shakti leaves the room to give them some privacy. Meanwhile, Shakti overhears the Kashyap family discussing Gayatri’s confinement within the house for the past six years. Shakti wonders what could have happened six years ago that led to Gayatri’s isolation.

Gayatri wakes up Bhagwati and explains that she has come today for her son. Bhagwati expresses her concern that she doesn’t want Shiv and Shakti’s marriage to be built on a lie. Gayatri requests Bhagwati to allow Shiv to reveal the truth about what happened six years ago to Shakti. Mandira overhears this and worries that if Shakti learns the truth, she will refuse to marry Shiv. Mandira intervenes and tells Bhagwati that she cannot grant permission to Shiv. She reminds Shiv that if the truth emerges now, their family will be destroyed. Mandira asserts that their family will be ruined if Shakti reveals the truth to anyone else.

Gayatri assures Mandira that Shakti will not disclose the truth to anyone, and she believes that Shakti will never make such a mistake. That’s why they chose Shakti as Shiv’s partner. Mandira raises her voice at Gayatri, accusing her of not considering the consequences. Shiv reminds Mandira to show respect when talking to Gayatri and asks her to watch her tone. Mandira apologizes to Shiv and explains that she was only thinking about their family’s well-being. She asks Gayatri what they will do if Shakti refuses to marry Shiv.

Gayatri assures Mandira that Shakti will never reject the marriage proposal because she trusts that broken relationships can be mended. Mandira suggests that the truth can be revealed after the marriage. However, Shiv believes that a relationship should never be based on a lie. He tells Mandira that he is not truly free, and the same goes for Gayatri.

Bhagwati interrupts their argument and acknowledges that both of them have valid points. She tells Shiv that if he wants to reveal the truth, he can go ahead and tell Shakti. Bhagwati also tells Mandira that if their marriage is destined, it will happen.

The episode concludes.


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