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Pushpa Impossible Upcoming Story: Ashwin to misunderstand Pushpa

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Sony SAB’s popular show, Pushpa Impossible, is currently featuring an intriguing storyline. In the previous episode, Deepti fed sweets to Ashwin and wished him the best as he starts his life anew. Manish and Ashwin then attended a meeting together.

During the meeting, Uppen informed Manish that Ashwin cannot be allowed to stay due to his association with tender rigging. Despite Manish’s attempts to convince Uppen otherwise, he remained firm in his decision. Upon hearing this, Ashwin left the meeting.

In the upcoming episode, viewers will witness Ashwin questioning Pushpa about Dilip’s presence. Pushpa, in turn, asks Ashwin why he is there. Ashwin explains that he came to drop Bhaskar but couldn’t resist coming in upon seeing Dilip.

Ashwin then points out the apparent double standard in Pushpa’s behavior, where she forgives Dilip and allows him to stay despite his mistakes, yet punishes Ashwin for a small error and prevents him from calling her mother. He questions the fairness of this double standard.

What will happen next? Will Pushpa be able to take care of Dilip?

Find out the answers to these questions in the upcoming episodes of Pushpa Impossible.

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