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Pyaar Ka Pehla Adhyaya Shiv Shakti 8th December 2023 Written Update: Manorama begs Shakti

Pyaar Ka Pehla Adhyaya Shiv Shakti 8th December 2023 Written Update on BtownMagic.com

The episode begins with Manorama praying to Tulsi and hoping that both of her daughters will find loving husbands. Shakti decides to go and call Rimjim. Manorama shares her thoughts about Rimjim with Shakti. Shakti knocks on the door and asks Rimjim to come out for the Aarthi ceremony. Rimjim gets on the table and remembers what happened earlier.

Manorama tells Shakti that if Rimjim doesn’t want to open the door, it’s her choice. Rimjim tightens the knot and kicks the table.

Shakti becomes concerned after hearing a sound. She opens the window and sees Rimjim attempting to commit suicide. Shakti calls out Rimjim’s name in distress. The Sharma family becomes worried and asks Shakti what happened.

Shakti enters the room through the window and supports Rimjim. The Sharma family is shocked to see Rimjim hanging. Dharam helps Rimjim down. Manorama and Kishore believe they have lost Rimjim. Shakti realizes that Rimjim still has a pulse and informs her parents about it. Shakti insists on taking Rimjim to the hospital immediately. Manorama agrees.

The Sharma family admits Rimjim to the hospital. Mandira learns from the hospital staff that Rimjim attempted suicide and was admitted by Shakti and her family. Mandira ends the call and tells Keertan that her plan never fails. Mandira believes that although Rimjim may have tried to take her own life, Shakti’s life is also slipping away.

Shakti wonders how Rimjim could do this. Shiv feels a sense of sadness from someone close to him. Shiv thinks of Shakti and tries to call her, but Manorama ends the call, stating that Shakti doesn’t need to talk to Shiv.

Shakti expresses to Manorama that she never expected Rimjim to do something like this.

Koyal and Keertan ask Mandira how she knew that Rimjim would attempt suicide. Mandira explains the concept of mirroring and tells her children that this is how she knew about Rimjim’s intention. Mandira believes that now everyone will pressure Shakti to marry Shiv, and she will win in this way.

Rimjim’s friend asks Manorama why she is present there. Rimjim’s friend inquires if Manorama is Shakti’s aunt and Rimjim’s mother. Manorama denies having any relationship with anyone and walks away.

Manorama tells Shakti that if she focuses on Rimjim, she will harm Shakti, and if she focuses on Shakti, she will harm Rimjim. Manorama admits her failure and asks Shakti to help her win. She urges Shakti to marry Dr. Shiv, as he has been calling her in the middle of the night, sensing her sadness. Manorama pleads with Shakti, expressing her desire to not lose her daughter, and asks her to marry Dr. Shiv.

The episode ends.


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