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Pushpa Impossible 7th December 2023 Written Update: Bapodhara misunderstands Pushpa and Juggal’s close proximity

Pushpa Impossible 7th December 2023 Written Update on

The episode begins with Ashwin strangling Binesh and reminding him of the 40 lakhs he owes due to their actions. Deepti intervenes and manages to stop Ashwin just in time. Meanwhile, Binesh takes advantage of the situation and escapes. Ashwin expresses his determination to catch Binesh, but Deepti advises him not to behave like a thug. She shows him the money that Pushpa arranged for him and urges him to avoid getting into further trouble. Pushpa arrives at the scene and witnesses the conversation. Curious about the source of the money, Ashwin questions Deepti, who reveals that they sold the jewelry to arrange the funds. Despite their efforts to support him, Ashwin dismisses their assistance and leaves in an auto. Deepti reminisces about their past happy moments, while Pushpa provides comfort and reassurance.

Kaki praises Susheela’s generosity and wonders how they will return the jewelry to her. Pushpa confesses her confusion about how to save Ashwin. Kaki advises Pushpa to devise a clever plan to resolve Ashwin’s situation.

Sunny and his mother visit Bapodhara’s house, where they receive a warm welcome from Susheela. Bapodhara makes a comment about Sunny, leading his mother to request forgiveness on his behalf. Bapodhara then indirectly accuses Ashwin of being the culprit, causing Chirag to feel uncomfortable.

Sunny meets Prathna, bringing joy to Pushpa’s heart. Ashwin returns home and publicly blames Chirag for his current predicament. A heated argument ensues between Ashwin and Chirag in the chawl. Bapodhara finds amusement in the situation, but Pushpa intervenes to stop the argument. She instructs Chirag to go to Bapodhara’s house, which he does. Bapodhara smirks at Pushpa, but she glares back before leaving.

Bapodhara meets Mayur and expresses his happiness about Mayur being cleared of the tender scam case. Mayur reassures him of his safety. Bapodhara requests funding from Mayur, despite Mayur’s son-in-law’s opposition. Bapodhara states that Chirag will no longer be his son-in-law in two days, allowing Mayur to provide the funds. Mayur agrees to the deal.

Juggal suggests to Pushpa that she can keep Dileep at Shubra’s house if she wishes. Pushpa shares her concerns about Ashwin’s inability to recognize his mistakes. Juggal lightens her mood by reminiscing about their childhood memories. He assures Pushpa that everything will be alright, but she remains worried when it comes to her children. Pushpa leans on Juggal’s shoulder and cries, seeking comfort. Bapodhara witnesses their close proximity and misunderstands the situation.

The episode concludes.

Preview – Pushpa punishes Ashwin by revoking his right to call her mother. Ashwin is shocked by Pushpa’s punishment.


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