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Chand Jalne Laga 7th December 2023 Written Update: Arjun challenges Malik

Chand Jalne Laga 7th December 2023 Written Update on

The latest episode starts with Tara expressing her concerns to Farvari about Malik’s strange behavior towards her. She mentions that Malik has mood swings and recalls his previous warning to her. Meanwhile, Tara is seen painting the pillars while standing on a ladder. Malik notices her and makes sure she is safe before leaving. Arjun arrives and notices Tara’s risky behavior. He advises her to come down and questions why she is taking such risks. Tara explains that she is short on workers, to which Arjun suggests using his money to hire them. However, Tara clarifies that their friendship is not based on money and she considers him her best friend. Arjun insists on helping her, and after some hesitation, Tara finally agrees to accept his assistance.

In another scene, Malik is working on his laptop when Farvari interrupts him. She compliments the food and Malik questions whether she knows that Tara is the one who cooked it. Farvari tries to change the subject and asks Malik about his early departure from the hospital, expressing her concern. Malik instructs Farvari to keep an eye on Tara and ensure she completes her tasks, as he cannot monitor her all the time. Farvari agrees and approaches Tara, asking if she is okay. Tara reveals her unsuccessful attempts to get information from Malik about the hospital incident. Farvari then greets Arjun and joins him and Tara in painting.

Meanwhile, Ananya reads the newspaper and Soni reminds her that Malik’s coat is still with Tara. Soni suggests that Ananya return it to him, but Ananya refuses. Soni overhears Sardaj and Ananya’s conversation and comments on their perfect chemistry. Soni insists that Ananya return the coat to Malik, but Ananya seems hesitant.

As Tara inspects the paint, Arjun playfully interacts with her, causing irritation for Malik. Paint accidentally falls on Malik’s face, and he confronts Tara, sensing that something more is going on. Farvari’s phone rings, and Malik instructs her to answer it, claiming it’s his schedule. Tara is supposed to handle it, but Malik questions why the doctor was present. They fail to notice that the chandelier is about to fall, and Farvari warns Tara to move. In the nick of time, Arjun grabs the chandelier rope and prevents it from falling. During this moment, Tara and Malik share an intense gaze before separating. Arjun checks on Tara’s well-being, and Malik accuses Arjun of touching his things without permission. Tara defends Arjun and reveals that Malik cheated her when he bought the Haveli. She pleads with Arjun to leave, but he stands his ground and challenges Malik to apologize to Tara, threatening to take the Haveli from him. The episode ends with an argument between Arjun and Malik.

In the next episode, we will witness a fight between Malik and Arjun. Stay tuned for more updates!


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