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Vanshaj 7th December 2023 Written Update: Dj plots against Yuvika.

Vanshaj 7th December 2023 Written Update on

The episode begins with the workers expressing their support for Yuvika and assuring her that they are willing to work extra hours. Yuvika appreciates their dedication and promises that their hard work will pay off soon. She suggests that they celebrate their success with a dinner together like a family. Everyone agrees and praises Yuvika. Grateful for their support, Yuvika thanks them and takes her leave.

Bhanu, impressed by Yuvika’s performance, praises her to Vidur. He even contemplates taking a break from work since Yuvika is doing exceptionally well on her own. However, Vidur expresses his distrust towards Dhanraj and Dj, stating that he cannot afford to stop coming to the office. He believes that they can ruin everything at any moment. Dj, looking at the share prices on his tablet, talks to himself, comparing a bomb blast to an unexpected event.

Dhanraj informs Dj that he has sent an evacuation notice and that he plans to vacate the house in ten days. Dj questions whether he should discuss this with Bhanu. Dhanraj explains that he doesn’t expect any help from Bhanu because Vidur is a hardworking and decent man. Bhanu wonders if Dj and Dhanraj are happy to see Yuvika in a position of power. He also mentions that Vidur has added a clause in his will, giving up eleven percent of his share to Subhadra, which adds to their desperation.

Vidur suggests to Bhanu that their late father, Shantiprasad, must have kept Subhadra away from the eleven percent share for a reason. Dj believes that Neel’s love for Yuvika will make it difficult for them to defeat him easily. Dhanraj advises Dj to focus on Yuvika instead. Vidur explains to Bhanu that Shanti Prasad might have feared that giving Subhadra the eleven percent share would lead to both siblings standing against Prem. Combining Subhadra and Dhanraj’s share, they would have a significant thirty-six percent share in the company. Vidur reads a clause from Shanti Prashad’s will, emphasizing their responsibility to provide any assistance to Subhadra when needed. He warns Bhanu that he cannot stop coming to the office now.

Neel enters Yuvika’s office and greets her as his madam. He reveals that he has come for an interview and expresses his commitment to stay by her side during this crucial time. He even offers to work for Yuvika, but she questions his decision since he has already found investors for his startup. Neel surprises Yuvika by returning the cheque he received, stating that his only love is her, not his startup. Yuvika fails to understand his reasoning but appreciates his care and concern. However, she believes that he is overqualified for the job and doesn’t want him to do any injustice to himself.

Yuvika’s assistant interrupts their conversation to inform them about a delivery notice they received, causing Yuvika to panic. She tries to understand the problem and discovers more complications. Meanwhile, a government official named Mr. Khosla visits the Mahajan office and warns Yuvika about the possibility of blacklisting their company. Dj urges Khosla to cancel the order, but Yuvika assures Khosla that they will complete the deliveries by the next day. Despite Dj’s concerns, Yuvika remains confident in her abilities. The episode ends with a hint of a mishap occurring at the Mahajan Factory.

Precap: A mishap takes place at the Mahajan Factory.


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