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Pyar Ka Pehla Naam Radha Mohan 1st December 2023 Written Update: Radha understands Mr X’s motive

Pyar Ka Pehla Naam Radha Mohan 1st December 2023 Written Update on BtownMagic.com

In this episode, Mohan informs Radha that the terrorists are planning to activate a bomb and wonders what their plan is. Meanwhile, Kavita suggests giving a pacemaker to the terrorists, believing that they must have a plan that requires it. An officer disagrees, stating that the focus should be on releasing the hostages. However, Kavita insists on learning the terrorists’ plan as well.

Mr X contacts the terrorists and instructs them to release 10 passengers in exchange for the pacemaker. He emphasizes that this is their victory, not defeat, and orders them to check the passengers’ identity cards. The terrorists comply and select 10 passengers. One of the passengers questions them, and Danny explains that they are being released.

Radha pleads with them to release everyone, especially the elderly and children. A pregnant woman also requests to be released, along with her husband. Damini joins in, urging Danny to release her. However, Bunty tries to intervene, but the passengers ignore him. In response, Mr X fires a gunshot into the air.

Kavita and the Trivedis are shocked by the sound of the gunshot. Ajeet asks Kavita to find out what happened. Kavita conveys to Mr X that he will receive the pacemaker, but the safety of the passengers should be ensured. Mr X goes inside and reassures Kavita that no one died. However, he warns her that he might kill the passengers in the future.

Mohan wonders why the terrorists want the pacemaker. Radha notices that they only selected Muslim passengers and expresses concern about the possibility of a riot if only Muslims are released. Mohan agrees and suggests informing Kavita about this.

The officer advises Kavita to give the pacemaker to the terrorists and bring the 10 passengers. However, Kavita disagrees, believing they should not give in to the terrorists’ demands.

Mr X questions Bunty about the delay in sending the pacemaker. Meanwhile, Radha stands up and expresses her desire to hug Fatima, fearing they may not meet again. She goes to Fatima and embraces her, leading Damini to call her a drama queen. Radha instructs Fatima to do something, without revealing the details to Mohan.

Kavita tells Mr X to release the passengers first. Mr X complies and releases the 10 passengers. Kaveri wonders where Damini is, and Ketki scolds Kavita. Kavita assures Ketki not to worry. Media reporters highlight the fact that the terrorists only released Muslim passengers. Kavita instructs the police to control the media, explaining that the terrorists have a motive behind this selection. Meanwhile, the families of the passengers start arguing, and the public watches this unfold as breaking news. Radha hopes that Fatima will pass on her message to everyone.

The episode ends here.


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