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Pyar Ka Pehla Naam Radha Mohan 2nd December 2023 Written Update: Fatima exposes Mr X’s motive

Pyar Ka Pehla Naam Radha Mohan 2nd December 2023 Written Update on BtownMagic.com

In this episode, Radha hopes that Fatima successfully delivers her message. The family of the passengers gets into an argument, but Fatima intervenes and asks them to stop. A media reporter approaches Fatima and asks if she has anything to say. Fatima reveals that Radha told her something important. She praises Radha and Mohan for their bravery, stating that they are not afraid of terrorists. She explains that Radha and Mohan always help others. Furthermore, Fatima discloses that the terrorists on the flight are not Muslims and that they intentionally released the Muslim passengers to incite riots in the country.

Mr X and Bunty are shocked to hear this revelation. Fatima clarifies that the terrorists are not Hindus either. She highlights the fact that Hindus and Muslims on the flight are helping each other. Kavita commends Radha for ruining the terrorists’ plan and praises her for her smart move. The public declares that the terrorists cannot instigate them and asserts that they are Indians first. Tulsi expresses her gratitude to Radha for preventing the riot.

Bunty blames Fatima for ruining their plan, but Mr X corrects him, stating that it was Radha who ruined their plan. Mr X confronts Radha and physically assaults her, demanding answers as to how she foiled his plan. Radha defends herself, stating that her suspicions were correct. She exposes the terrorists with Fatima’s assistance.

Enraged, Mr X tries to strangle Radha, but the terrorists intervene and prevent the Trivedis from reaching her. Kadambari pleads with Mr X to spare Radha’s life, while Gungun cries in fear. Radha tells Mr X that harming her now would be pointless. However, Mr X slaps and kicks her, with Damini delighting in the scene. Mohan tells Mr X to stop, and Gungun begs him not to hurt Radha.

Mr X agrees with Damini’s suggestion that Radha should die to prevent her from thwarting their future plans. Bunty suggests killing Mohan and Gungun as well. The terrorists then take Radha, Mohan, and Gungun to the business class section of the plane, leaving Damini shocked and concerned for Mohan’s safety. Kadambari scolds Damini, and she pleads with the terrorists to spare her family. Damini apologizes to Mohan for her actions.

Radha pleads with Mr X to spare her family’s lives, even offering her own life in return. Mohan tells Mr X that he is the one responsible for everything, so he should be the one to be punished. Mr X declares that all three of them will be punished.

Kavita warns Mr X that if he harms any passenger, she will hand the case over to the army. Mr X reveals that Kavita needs a pacemaker, and she requests time to consider his proposal. He agrees to wait, emphasizing the importance of the pacemaker. Mr X then renders Radha unconscious, and Mohan carries her back to their seats. Damini secretly hopes that Radha never wakes up.

This concludes the episode.


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