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Rabb Se Hai Dua 14th December 2023 Written Update: Hameeda slaps Dua

Rabb Se Hai Dua 14th December 2023 Written Update on BtownMagic.com

The episode begins with the doctor advising Akhthar’s family to keep Hina happy in order to help her recover quickly. He asks them to recall a time when Hina was happy, and Dua and Haider mention their wedding day. They reminisce about the moments they shared with Hina. The doctor suggests that they try to make her remember their wedding day as it may help her get better. Meanwhile, Kaynaat faints, and the doctor checks on her. Hameeda reveals that Kaynaat is her daughter-in-law, and the doctor asks if she is pregnant.

Dua confirms this, and the doctor explains that feeling dizzy is normal during pregnancy. He then leaves. Dua expresses concern to Hameeda about forgetting about Kaynaat due to Gazal’s issues. She emphasizes the need to quickly arrange Kaynaat’s wedding without anyone finding out about her pregnancy. Hameeda agrees and expresses her worry for her grandson as well. Dua suggests performing Kaynaat and Hafeez’s wedding, which would bring back Hina’s memory if Dua and Haider remarried.

Haider agrees with Dua’s plan, but Gazal overhears their conversation and becomes fearful that Dua will succeed in restoring Hina’s memory. In her panic, Gazal slips and falls in the room. Dua believes that Hina will regain her memories and takes Gazal away from the situation. Dua shows Gazal CCTV footage, explaining that she installed cameras throughout the house to catch any wrongdoing. Dua warns Gazal that her actions will be revealed if she tries anything against them. The doctor also expresses his support for Dua and promises to give a statement against Gazal.

Gulnaaz jokes about Gazal and her misdeeds, and Dua mentions that everyone will be keeping a close eye on Gazal. Gazal protests, but Dua asserts that she must work if she wants to stay in the house. Gazal starts plotting against Dua and her family, determined to prevent Hina from regaining her memory and break Kaynaat and Hafeez’s relationship. Gazal successfully provokes Hina against Hafeez and Hameeda, hoping to manipulate her into kicking them out of the house. Meanwhile, Hameeda scolds Dua and apologizes to Hina, pretending to support her. However, Dua suspects that Gazal is onto something. Hameeda’s act of supporting Hina includes slapping Dua, and Gazal becomes aware of their plan.

The episode ends.


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