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Dabangii – Mulgi Aayi Re Aayi Upcoming Story: Kasturi to lay a trap for Arya

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Sony TV’s new show, Dabangii – Mulgi Aayi Re Aayi, is currently showcasing an intriguing storyline where Kasturi feels humiliated by Tanmay’s actions.

In a recent development, Arya pretends to be a ghost and makes Tanmay act like a dog in his own garden. The rest of the family witnesses Tanmay’s unusual behavior, leaving them perplexed.

Kasturi confronts Tanmay, asking him what he is doing. Tanmay then points towards the “ghost” that Arya is pretending to be. Kasturi realizes that Arya scared Tanmay by pretending to be a ghost.

In order to address the situation, Kasturi takes Tanmay to Ankush’s house and questions Ankush about Arya’s whereabouts. Kasturi explains that Arya scared Tanmay by pretending to be a ghost. Arya arrives at the scene, and Kasturi accuses her of playing this prank on Tanmay.

Suddenly, Tanmay coughs, and Arya takes him to the refrigerator, warning him that if he confronts her again, she will teach him a lesson. Kasturi overhears their conversation and confirms that Arya is responsible for the prank.

In the upcoming episode, viewers will witness Arya attending a party meeting. Kasturi sees this as an opportunity to use Arya to her advantage.

During the party, Arya spots some laddoos and attempts to eat them. However, a lady informs her that only the winner of the game will get to enjoy the laddoos. Arya agrees to participate in the game, and Kasturi believes that Arya has fallen into her trap.

What will happen next? Will Satya discover the truth that Arya is his daughter?

All these questions will be answered in the upcoming episodes.

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