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Rabb Se Hai Dua 15th December 2023 Written Update: Haider makes a smart move

Rabb Se Hai Dua 15th December 2023 Written Update on BtownMagic.com

The episode begins with Hameeda apologizing to Hina for her past actions. She reveals that she has come to ask for Kaynaat’s hand in marriage for Hafeez. Hameeda promises to take care of Kaynaat for the rest of her life. However, Hina refuses to give her consent, stating that she doesn’t want to repeat the same mistake. She blames herself for bringing her daughter into this house and facing the consequences. Hafeez tries to convince Hina that he and his family are not at fault, but she remains firm in her decision. Gazal intervenes and calls their whole act a drama, stating that she will not agree to this wedding. She believes that both Dua and Hafeez are the same. Hina agrees with Gazal and also refuses to accept the wedding proposal. Haider assures Kaynaat that he will find a solution to this problem and takes Hina away. Gulnaaz stops Gazal from following them.

Meanwhile, Haider questions Hina about her refusal to accept the relationship. He tells her that Hafeez is a good person and insists that she should accept the alliance. He points out that just because Dua has made mistakes, it doesn’t mean everyone in her family is wrong.

Hina remains adamant and expresses her disapproval. Haider tries to persuade her by stating that Hafeez is the perfect match for Kaynaat and they can benefit from this alliance. He shares his plan with Hina.

On the other hand, Gazal informs Dua that Hina is not in favor of the wedding. However, Hina surprises everyone by announcing that she has no problem with the wedding. Gazal is shocked and questions her sudden change of heart. Hina takes Gazal aside and reveals her true intentions. She admits that she initially misunderstood the alliance but now realizes that it can benefit them in another way. She asks Gazal to trust her and listen to her plan. Hina congratulates Hameeda, who expresses her happiness, but Hina stops her from hugging her.

Hina informs Hameeda that she agrees to the wedding but has a condition. Hameeda disagrees with the idea of setting conditions, believing that she should accept her mistake without imposing any conditions. However, Hina firmly states that she wants Kaynaat as her daughter-in-law, but she wants Dua and Haider to get a divorce first. Only then will she give Kaynaat’s hand to Hafeez. Everyone is shocked by Hina’s condition. Dadi scolds her for making such demands, but Hina remains firm. Dua tries to convince Haider that they should not get a divorce, but he insists that it is necessary for the sake of his family. Haider calls Ravi to prepare the divorce papers. Dua is devastated by Haider’s decision and tries to reason with him, but he reveals that he no longer loves her and asks her to leave the house.

Haider declares that Gazal is his wife now, and he has to give her the rights she deserves. He promises to try his best to love Gazal the way he loved Dua. He states that once they are divorced, he will accept Gazal. Dua threatens to kill herself, but Haider asks her to sign the divorce papers before doing anything drastic. Dua refuses to sign, and Hameeda forces her to do so. Dua stands her ground, declaring that Haider is her life. Hameeda slaps Dua and demands her to sign the papers. Dadi consoles Dua, but Haider signs the documents and hands them to Hina. Gazal wonders if the papers are real or fake. Hina declares that her son is now free from Dua, and Hameeda and Hina hug each other. Gazal notices Haider and Dua smiling and suspects that they were just acting. Hina informs Ruhan about the good news, and he congratulates Hafeez. Haider asks Hina where she is taking the papers, and she assures him that she will keep them safe. Dua stops Gazal from following Hina and states that their plan has worked. Gazal will not be allowed to leave the house and will be punished for her actions. Gazal defiantly declares that she will not leave the house, but Haider tears the papers and throws them in her face.

And that’s how the episode ends.


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