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Rabb Se Hai Dua 6th December 2023 Written Update: The media ruins Dua’s name

Rabb Se Hai Dua 6th December 2023 Written Update on BtownMagic.com

The episode begins with the police taking Dua from the hospital. Gazal is thrilled, thinking that she will now rule the Akthar mansion. Haider asks Gazal if she is happy, to which Ruhan tells Dua that he will go with her as her best friend and help her get out of jail. Haider realizes that Gazal is a demon who not only got Dua arrested but also became the biggest enemy in his life. Gazal claims to love him, folding her hands and pretending to request him not to kill her. She laughs at him and says that she is very happy to see Dua struggling. Gazal suggests they go together to witness Dua’s current state, acknowledging that Haider might feel sad seeing her like that. However, Haider assures Gazal that he will bring Dua out of jail before sunrise. He swears on his love for Dua and warns Gazal that she will witness his funeral if he fails to keep his promise.

Gazal confidently declares that she is ready to witness his funeral and believes that Dua will spend her life in jail, struggling and eventually dying there. Haider raises his hand to slap Gazal, but she questions why he stopped himself when she claims to love him so much. Gazal insists that she is his wife and has the right to touch him, expressing her confusion as to why he is hating her. She forces herself on him, trying to kill him, but Haider pushes her away. Gazal tells Haider to forget about Dua because she is here for him. Haider warns her not to think about it and states that she doesn’t deserve love in her life. He calls her a shameless woman and threatens her not to come near him again. Gazal, however, believes that Haider will eventually come back to her and swears on her love for him.

Meanwhile, people are badmouthing Dua, angering Ruhan. Dua calms him down, assuring him that God is with her and won’t punish an innocent person. Ruhan accompanies Dua to the police station, where Rahat promises to help her. Gazal asks Eihchaaz how he feels seeing Dua in this state, and he admits to being on cloud nine. Gazal states that this is just the beginning and asks her media friends for help. Kaynaat worries about Hina, and Gulnaaz informs Ruhan that Dua has been arrested. Hameeda decides to take matters into her own hands, grabs a gun, and declares that she won’t leave Gazal. Everyone is shocked by Hameeda’s actions, and Dadi and Hafeez try to stop her. Hameeda is determined to kill Gazal for sending her daughter to jail.

Kaynaat steps in front of Hameeda, urging her to stop and reminding her that only God has the right to take lives. She points out that she is carrying Gazal’s heir in her womb and can’t allow Hameeda to do anything that would harm their child’s future. Kaynaat pleads with Hameeda to consider what she would say to her child when they are born. She promises that Haider will bring Dua out of jail and Gulnaaz asks Hameeda not to do anything that would hurt Dua. Hameeda drops the gun, and Dua is locked in jail by the inspector. The media arrives at the jail and begins reporting on Dua’s case, but Ruhan tries to stop them. Dua tells the media that their duty is to report the truth, not support lies. She vows to prove her innocence and expose the truth. Gazal watches the news on her mobile and decides that she won’t let Dua prove her innocence. She believes she needs Hina’s testimony to clear her name and decides to kill her before that.

And that’s how the episode ends.


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