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Pashminna – Dhaage Mohabbat Ke Upcoming Story: Preeti to threaten Avinash!

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In the Sony SAB show Pashminna – Dhaage Mohabbat Ke, Preeti will threaten Avinash that she will reveal their truth if he doesn’t donate blood to Pashminna. Will Avinash agree to donate blood to Pashminna? Let’s find out.

Previously, Preeti informed Pashminna that she has no other choice but to accept Avinash’s blood. Kailash scolded Paras for behaving foolishly. Paras claimed that he was trying to be a hero for Pashminna. Avinash assured Paras that he would help him become a hero and refused to donate blood to Pashminna himself.

Raghav advised Preeti to accept Pashminna’s father’s help in the future without hesitation, as she has rights over him. Dadi told Mohana not to worry about Ruhaan. Ruhaan stated that he knew Pashminna needed Raghav’s help, so he would wait to see him.

Paras informed Preeti and Raghav that Avinash couldn’t donate blood due to his high blood pressure. Preeti understood that Avinash didn’t want to donate blood and said she didn’t want his blood. Avinash tried to persuade Raghav to leave Kashmir, but he failed. Mohana and Ayesha also refused to leave Kashmir. The doctor warned Preeti that Pashminna might slip into a coma if she didn’t receive blood.

In the upcoming episode, Preeti will demand that Avinash donate blood to Pashminna. Meanwhile, Pashminna’s condition will worsen.

Will Pashminna slip into a coma? Will Pashminna recover?

All these questions will be answered in the upcoming episodes.

To find out what will happen next in your favorite show Pashminna – Dhaage Mohabbat Ke, stay tuned to this space.


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