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Rabb Se Hai Dua 9th December 2023 Written Update: Haider kicks Gazal out of the house

Rabb Se Hai Dua  9th December 2023 Written Update on BtownMagic.com

The episode begins with Haider expressing his confusion to Dua. He can’t understand why Hina is supporting Gazal. Dua assures him that she will explain the situation to him. Dua questions Hina about her actions, stating that Gazal has ruined their family, yet Hina supports her. Hina firmly declares that she will not be swayed by Gazal’s words and threatens to raise her hand against her. Dua points out that Hina should not treat her daughter-in-law like a servant, reminding her that she deserves respect. Gulnaaz observes Dua’s behavior and wonders what she is up to. Hina complains to Hameeda about Dua’s disrespectful behavior and questions whether Dua will teach her daughter the same. Dua signals Hameeda not to respond and advises Hina not to treat her daughter-in-law as a slave. She explains that if the younger generation is speaking up, it means the elders have made mistakes. Dua’s words trigger memories in Hina’s mind, and she realizes that Dua is echoing her own past statements. Dua affirms that respect comes from the heart, not from wearing a headscarf, and asks Haider to confirm this. Haider recalls the past and nods in agreement.

Dua acknowledges that she has several reasons not to obey Hina, despite having respected her words in the past. She reveals that she prioritized Hina’s respect over her own happiness and considered her like a mother. However, Dua now severs all ties with Hina and declares that she is no longer her mother. Haider intervenes, stating that Dua must have her own reasons for behaving this way and suggests letting her do as she pleases. Dua questions why she should listen to Hina when they have no relationship, and she removes the headscarf from her heart, symbolizing the end of their bond. Hina is shocked by this action and feels dizzy. Dua explains to Haider that she staged this drama to assess Hina’s mental stability, as Hina seems trapped in her past and lacks awareness of the present. Gazal realizes that she needs to take action to prevent Hina’s memory loss from being discovered. Hina starts coughing, and Dua and Gulnaaz rush to help her, but Hina asks them not to assist her, claiming that she understands their true intentions. Hina pretends to care for her by setting fire to the situation. Hina tells Hameeda that Haider did not make a mistake by marrying Gazal, as Dua has not given them an heir in four years, so Haider needs to marry someone else. Hina questions why Hameeda and Hafeez always support Dua and questions Hafeez’s presence in their house. Kaynaat defends Hafeez, but Hina questions their relationship and urges Kaynaat to prepare to leave for her new home. Gulnaaz reveals to them that Kaynaat is carrying Hafeez’s baby, questioning whether Hina truly has memory loss or is simply pretending. Gazal states that Hafeez is a troublemaker and should not be allowed to stay, but Dua defends Hafeez as her brother. Hina asserts that her daughter will not see him.

Rahat touches Hina’s shoulder, and she asks when he returned home and how his pilgrimage was. Hina thanks God for his safe return and questions Rahat if he truly cares for her. Rahat acknowledges that he has not spoken happily with her in a long time and suggests they talk privately in their room. Hina is delighted by this suggestion, and Gulnaaz wonders if Hina has genuinely forgotten or if she is pretending to have memory loss. Hameeda also expresses suspicion about Hina’s behavior, noting that she seems trapped in the past. Haider suggests that only one person can shed light on the situation and demands answers from Gazal about Hina’s behavior. Gazal claims ignorance, and Dua advises Haider to leave her, as it is pointless to argue with her. Dua suggests that they focus on finding the truth, while Haider expresses his frustration and contemplates taking drastic measures. Haider ultimately decides to kick Gazal out of the house, but Gazal pleads with him not to do so, fearing that her true motives will be exposed. She is determined to prevent Haider from leaving her forever.

And that’s the end of the episode.


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