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Teri Meri Doriyaann 9th December 2023 Written Update: Angad on a mission to find Sahiba

Teri Meri Doriyaann 9th December 2023 Written Update on

The episode begins with Inder asking Simran for his phone. Simran explains that she is trying to call Sahiba, but she isn’t answering her phone. Manveer suggests that Inder call Angad and inform him that Sahiba has gone missing before the party, as she often does.

Simran calls Angad and informs him that Sahiba is not at the party. She asks Angad if Sahiba is with him, but he says no and promises to go and find her.

Angad remembers that he installed an app on Sahiba’s phone that allows him to track her even if it is switched off. He uses the app and discovers that Sahiba has gone to Hotel Fandom Park. Angad rushes to the hotel.

Meanwhile, Garry takes Sahiba in her car. Angad spots Sahiba’s car passing by and calls the driver to stop the car. However, the driver explains that he gave the car to the valet as Sahiba’s friend instructed. Angad senses something is wrong and decides to follow the car.

Angad follows Sahiba’s car and notices that it has stopped at a traffic signal. He tries to approach the car, but Garry starts it and drives away. Angad desperately calls out for Sahiba and tries to follow the car using the tracking app, but his phone suddenly switches off.

Eventually, Garry’s car gets a flat tire at a Y junction. Dev gets out of the car to change the tire.

Meanwhile, Mannat notices that Sahiba is showing signs of consciousness and informs Garry. Garry instructs Mannat to ensure that Sahiba remains unconscious. Mannat checks Sahiba and confirms that she is still unconscious.

Angad arrives at the Y junction and asks a shop vendor if he saw a white Sedan passing by. The vendor claims to have not seen any car. Angad realizes he needs to make a decision.

Mannat expresses her concerns about Sahiba’s possible questioning of Seerat. However, Garry reassures her that it won’t be a problem as Seerat knows nothing about their plans. Garry also mentions that Sahiba has only seen Dec, who will go into hiding immediately. Mannat praises Garry’s cleverness, and he reveals to his team how he fooled Angad and Sahiba using Sunny Sood’s name and stole Junune Dil. Parth asks Garry if Sahiba knows about their boss, to which Garry clarifies that Sahiba is unaware of their boss.

Angad notices a woman holding Sahiba’s wallet and asks her where she found it. The woman explains that she found it during the raid. Angad takes the wallet and realizes that Sahiba may have gone in that direction.

Dev finishes changing the tire, and Garry and his team drive away from the Y junction.

The episode ends.

Precap: Sahiba witnesses an argument between Garry and Yash. She can’t believe that Garry is alive and Yash is supporting him.


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