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Rashmika Mandanna Responds to Comments About ‘Not Taking Ownership of Animal’s Success’

After the blockbuster success of the 2023 film “Animal,” Rashmika Mandanna addressed comments questioning why she is not taking ownership of her success. In an Instagram post on Sunday, the actor explained that she had to resume shooting for an upcoming film just a day after “Animal” was released on December 1, 2023.

Rashmika, teasing her new film look, shared that she is currently working on some of the biggest and most intense projects of her career. Responding to the criticism about not actively participating in post-release interviews or events, Rashmika explained her busy schedule and the need to maintain secrecy around her new film’s look.

She wrote, “I am back on set the next day of my film release (being the amazing workaholic that I am), and hence I was and am unable to do a lot of interviews or events out there. I am having to do these overnight travels for work, and I am shooting for some of the biggest and most intense films in my career.”

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Addressing concerns about her absence from social media, she assured her fans that she understood their expectations and promised to work on being more active in the future. Rashmika emphasized that the love and messages from her fans are what keeps her motivated.

Regarding the criticism about not taking ownership of her success, Rashmika expressed her gratitude for the overwhelming love and support she received. She stated, “And now coming to ownership of the success .. Guys, your love, the messages to me are what make me happy and keep me going honestly, and I saw them in abundance; and again thank you so much for all the love.. always.”

Rashmika acknowledged her team and PR’s advice to be more active on social media but explained her tight schedule and emphasized her belief that good work speaks for itself. She praised her supportive cast and crew and thanked her fans for their continued love and understanding.

“Animal,” released in December 2023, emerged as one of the biggest blockbusters, surpassing ₹800 crore at the box office. Despite its commercial success, the film faced criticism for its alleged depiction of misogyny. Rashmika Mandanna played a significant role in the movie alongside actors like Triptii Dimri, Anil Kapoor, and Bobby Deol.

Rashmika hinted at working on some of the “biggest and most intense films” of her career. While the details remain undisclosed, her commitment to maintaining secrecy and surprising fans suggests noteworthy projects on the horizon. Her response reflects the challenges and expectations faced by actors in balancing success with ongoing commitments in the film industry.


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