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Kangana Ranaut Criticizes Twinkle Khanna for “Plastic Bags” Comment on Men

In a recent verbal sparring match in the realm of Bollywood, Kangana Ranaut took aim at Twinkle Khanna for her past remarks on men and feminism. Twinkle, known for her candid and often humorous commentary, had previously made light-hearted remarks about men at an event in December, comparing them to plastic bags. This quip did not sit well with Kangana, who unleashed a scathing critique on Twinkle’s privilege and interpretation of feminism.

Kangana didn’t mince her words, labeling Twinkle as a “privileged brat” and questioning her understanding of feminism. In her fiery response, Kangana suggested that those born into privilege and handed film careers on silver platters should find joy and fulfillment in motherhood instead of demeaning men. She challenged the notion that women need to belittle men to assert their feminism, asking whether such individuals aspire to be vegetables.

Twinkle’s original comments, made in jest during an interview, shed light on her upbringing and evolving perspective on feminism. Recalling her mother Dimple Kapadia’s influence, Twinkle humorously remarked on the idea that women don’t necessarily need men, likening them to optional accessories like handbags. She also playfully suggested that men, with their physical vulnerabilities, may be considered weaker by nature.

The exchange between Kangana and Twinkle reflects contrasting viewpoints on gender dynamics and feminism within the industry. While Kangana advocates for empowerment without diminishing others, Twinkle’s lighthearted take underscores her journey toward realizing the equality of the sexes.

Twinkle, a former actor turned author, has carved her niche with witty observations and insightful commentary. Married to actor Akshay Kumar, she balances her career with motherhood and literary pursuits, exemplifying a multifaceted approach to life.

Kangana, known for her bold statements and outspoken activism, continues to challenge norms and champion causes close to her heart. Her upcoming filmEmergency” promises to delve into the complexities of power and politics.

As these Bollywood personalities navigate their respective paths, their clash of opinions serves as a reminder of the diversity of perspectives within the industry and the ongoing dialogue surrounding gender equality and feminism.


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