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Samantha Takes a Year-Long Break for Myositis Treatment in the US and South Korea!

Popular actress Samantha has decided to take a year-long break from acting after wrapping up her projects, including the Indian edition of Citadel alongside Varun Dhawan. The decision comes as she prioritizes her health and seeks treatment for the autoimmune disease myositis in the United States.

A source close to the actor revealed that Samantha had made the decision to take a sabbatical from acting a few months ago and had been waiting for the completion of her projects before officially announcing it. The insider clarified that Samantha was not currently signing any new projects and dispelled rumours of her paying back producers for any unfulfilled commitments, emphasizing that she had already decided to take a break prior to these speculations.

Samantha had previously disclosed her diagnosis of myositis in 2022 and had taken a six-month break for treatment at that time. Now, she is determined to fully recover her health before resuming work. The insider shared that Samantha’s health had deteriorated during the filming of Kushi, prompting her to prioritize her well-being and undergo the necessary treatment and therapy sessions.

In August, the 36-year-old actress will travel to the United States for an extended vacation, which will primarily focus on her health. The break is expected to last at least a year, considering the demanding nature of managing an autoimmune condition. Samantha has scheduled extensive treatment and counselling sessions, and she may also travel to South Korea as part of her health journey.

Known for her workaholic nature, Samantha is not disheartened by the break but rather looking forward to it. She views it as an opportunity for personal growth and holistic improvement. The source stated that Samantha acknowledges the importance of fully recovering her health before returning to work, as acting is a challenging profession. She is content with her decision to take a break and is eager to make a comeback once her health has significantly improved.

Samantha’s decision to prioritize her health and well-being showcases her dedication to her craft and personal growth. Her fans eagerly await her return after her rejuvenating hiatus, understanding that her health and happiness come first.


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