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Saubhagyavati Bhava 6th December 2023 Written Update: Dadi gets blackmailed

Saubhagyavati Bhava 6th December 2023 Written Update on

In this episode, Nupur tells Avinash that they don’t have any proof or witnesses in the murder case. She emphasizes that they can’t work solely based on Avinash’s gut feeling that Raghav is dead. Nupur decides to release Unniyal and informs Avinash about her decision. She recalls meeting Siya and explaining to her that she got suspended because of Raghav. Nupur also reveals that Unniyal is her relative and she won’t let anything happen to him.

Meanwhile, Tushar assures Khushi that everything will be fine. However, they are shocked to see Dadi in a semiconscious state. Dadi claims that Raghav has come and he will kill everyone. Tushar tries to calm her down and goes to get some water. At the hospital, Siya tells Viraj that Avinash won’t understand the situation he is in. Viraj disguises himself as a doctor.

Tushar gives water to Dadi, but her condition seems to worsen. He decides not to disturb Siya since she is managing Avinash. Tushar has a feeling that something bad is going to happen.

Avinash orders his team to stay outside Raghav’s room. Siya speaks to the media reporters and expresses her desire to give Raghav another chance. She believes that he won’t be safe in the hospital, so she plans to take him home. A reporter asks if she will discontinue Raghav’s treatment. Siya clarifies that Raghav will receive treatment at home. The reporter suggests that an attack could still happen at home. Siya advises him to question the police about their failure to fulfill their duties.

Avinash overhears their conversation and intervenes. The reporter asks Avinash how the attack on Raghav occurred, but Avinash refuses to answer. The reporter criticizes the police for their incompetence and brings up Nandini. Avinash becomes angry and grabs the reporter’s collar, warning him not to mention Nandini. Siya believes that her plan is working.

Meanwhile, Viraj switches Raghav’s dead body with Risha’s. Avinash notices Viraj’s actions and follows him. Siya smiles upon witnessing this. Avinash enters Raghav’s room and instructs the doctor to remove the bandages. Siya remembers seeing Risha leaving the hospital and rushes to Raghav’s room. She pleads with Avinash to stop, but he insists on removing the bandages. Viraj intervenes and Avinash points a gun at him. Nandini questions Avinash’s actions, and he explains that he wants to conduct another DNA test on Raghav. Viraj manages to disarm Avinash and accuses him of wanting to kill him. Siya fears that Raghav will die in front of everyone because of Avinash, and suddenly, there is an explosion in Raghav’s room.

Later, a reporter reveals that Avinash is responsible for Raghav’s accident. Nupur hands him the DNA report, confirming that Raghav died due to an oxygen cylinder blast caused by Avinash.

Dadi receives a threatening letter, indicating that someone knows she killed Raghav. Khushi asks Siya and Viraj about their decision, but Siya tells her that they will discuss it later.

The episode ends with Siya and Viraj searching for Dadi, and Siya receives a letter in the precap.


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