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May I Come In Madam 6th December 2023 Written Update: Sajan informs Sanjana about his arrest

May I Come In Madam 6th December 2023 Written Update on

The latest episode of “May I Come In Madam” begins with Bhupesh, Ramvati, and Kashmira realizing that Sajan is missing from the house. Kashmira gets angry and starts shouting at Bhupesh and Ramvati. Bhupesh argues with her, while Ramvati tries to defend her behavior. Suddenly, Kashmira becomes possessed by her Dadi’s spirit, and Bhupesh and Ramvati try to leave the room, but the door closes on its own. Dadi warns them, leaving them worried.

The next day, Chedilal wakes up and reads the newspaper. He comes across a letter and gets shocked when he reads that Sajan has been kidnapped. He also finds Sajan’s ID card and concludes that Sajan has betrayed him. Meanwhile, Sajan gets into an argument with a tea shop owner who insults him and his friend Khiloni. They end up slapping each other. Sajan worries about facing Kashmira when suddenly he receives a call from Sanjana. She instructs him to demand ransom money from Chedilal. Before Sanjana can answer his question about her whereabouts, the call gets disconnected, leaving Sajan upset. He shares this conversation with Khiloni, who suggests that he do as Sanjana asked. Sajan agrees.

Sajan decides to call Chedilal from a public telephone. On the other hand, Chedilal wonders why he hasn’t received any calls from Sajan yet. Just then, he receives a call from Sajan, who orders him to follow his instructions if he wants Sanjana to be safe. Batuta tries to intervene, but Khiloni stops him. Vinod arrives and mocks Sajan and Khiloni before arresting them.

Meanwhile, Ramvati wakes up and starts crying, worried about how Chedilal will react when he finds out that Sajan has kidnapped Sanjana. Kashmira taunts Ramvati for not caring about her daughter’s married life and suggests that they should inform the police. Ramvati questions why they should do that, and Bhupesh explains the consequences they might face. Ramvati imagines herself in prison and agrees to go to the police station.

At the police station, Sajan and Khiloni notice some tools brought by Batuta. They inquire about the purpose of these tools, and Batuta tells them that Vinod uses them for punishment, which shocks Sajan and Khiloni. Vinod arrives and gives them a glimpse of one of his unique punishments. Sajan feels relieved, realizing that this punishment is less painful compared to the others.

Meanwhile, Chedilal feels guilty for not spending enough time with Sanjana. He expresses his guilt to Sanjana’s photo and wishes to meet her soon. Sajan and Khiloni, in their beaten up state, cry out for water. Batuta decides to give them water, but Vinod stops him. Just then, Kashmira arrives at the police station with Ramvati and Bhupesh. She asks Vinod to file a case against Sajan for kidnapping Sanjana. However, she is shocked to see Sajan already in prison. She shouts at him for his actions, but Sajan receives a call from Sanjana. He informs her about his arrest, and Sanjana reveals the truth behind her kidnapping, leaving everyone shocked.

Sanjana returns home and finds Chedilal in a guilty state, intoxicated. She assures him that she is fine and Chedilal promises to spend more time with her, making Sanjana happy. On the other hand, Sajan blames Kashmira for his current situation. Kashmira gets possessed by Dadi’s spirit but decides not to beat Sajan and instead asks him to take her to Ramvati and Bhupesh. Sajan agrees, and Ramvati and Bhupesh scream when Dadi starts beating them up.

In the upcoming episode, Sajan overhears a phone conversation between Sanjana and someone else, which makes him curious to find out the truth. However, Kashmira demands to spend time with him. Sajan agrees but comes up with a plan to meet Sanjana without Kashmira knowing.


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