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Teri Meri Doriyaann 14th December 2023 Written Update: The police interrogate Angad.

Teri Meri Doriyaann 14th December 2023 Written Update on

The episode begins with Megha claiming that they have evidence against Angad. Angad asks Megha to show the proof she has. Megha reveals that they have CCTV footage of Angad buying clothes, just like Sunny Sood did. She adds that they also have evidence of Angad using his credit card on a date with Mannat, posing as Sunny Sood. Megha further mentions that they have footage of Angad dancing with Mannat as Sunny Sood. She shows the video to the Brar family and asks Angad if he is the person in the video. Angad admits that he is, but clarifies that he is not Sunny Sood. Akaal questions Angad about why he attended the party as Sunny Sood. Angad explains that he went as Sunny Sood to uncover the truth about this fake identity.

Angad tries to convince the police that he did not steal the diamond, but Megha refuses to listen and proceeds to arrest him. The Brar family tries to intervene, but Megha warns them that she will arrest them too if they obstruct her work.

The police make Angad sit in the police car. Angad confides in Sahiba, expressing his worries about how he will escape this predicament. Sahiba assures Angad that she will find a way to get him out and tells him not to worry. The police then take Angad away.

Sahiba makes a promise to herself that she will free Angad from jail, no matter what.

During the interrogation, Megha asks Angad to sign a statement admitting that he stole the diamond and created the false identity of Sunny Sood. Angad refuses to sign, stating that it is not his statement. He claims that Garry and Yash Raj framed him. Megha makes a snide remark about Angad.

The lawyer informs the Brar family that he has applied for bail, but he doubts that Angad will be granted bail easily, considering Megha’s stance. Manveer becomes worried upon hearing this news.

Angad questions Megha, asking why he would sell the diamond to Mr. and Mrs. Chopra through Brar Jewellers if he had stolen it. He suggests that he would have tried to sell it as Sunny Sood instead. Megha claims that Mannat and Parth are working with Garry. Angad urges Megha to catch them and uncover the truth. Megha dismisses his suggestion, telling him not to interfere in her job.

Sahiba brings coffee to Manveer and encourages him to have it. The constable asks Pam and Jaspal to come in for questioning.

The episode ends.

Precap: A lady officer arrives at the Brar mansion with the police and announces that they must pay for Angad’s crime. She declares that the house will be auctioned. Sahiba faints, and Gurleen suggests that Sahiba might be pregnant.


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