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Parineetii Upcoming Story: Parineet’s to reveal Neeti’s intentions to Sanju

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Parineetii is a popular show on Colors TV that always manages to captivate its viewers with its numerous revelations and twists. Currently, the focus of the series is on Sanju, who remains stubborn.

In a recent episode, Parminder suspects that Bebe added something to the turmeric. To prove her suspicion, Bebe applies it to her face.

Later, Sanju confides in Parineet about his fears. She assures him that she won’t leave him and promises to always be by his side. Monty returns home and is surprised to see Parineet’s haldi (turmeric ceremony). Bebe shows the side effects of the turmeric to Neeti, and while applying it, Parineet coughs.

Angry, Neeti throws her phone and takes out her frustration on Sukhwinder. Sanju reveals the truth to Monty, explaining that he no longer loves Neeti and supports his brother. In an unfortunate accident, Sanju slips and falls on Parminder, causing the turmeric to spill on the floor.

In the upcoming episode, viewers will witness Bebe attempting to apply the turmeric to Parineet’s face, but Sanju stops her. Neeti tells Sukhwinder that she wants Sanju back and threatens to leave home. Meanwhile, Sanju and Parineet are engaged in the haldi rituals.

Parineet informs Sanju that Neeti wanted her to stop the wedding and questions if she has any feelings for him. Neeti will take Parineet’s place during the wedding ceremony.

What will happen next? Will Rajeev discover the truth? Will Bebe’s secret be revealed?

All these questions will be answered in the upcoming episode. Stay tuned to for more updates.


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