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Teri Meri Doriyaann 5th December 2023 Written Update: Sahiba catches Angad’s act

Teri Meri Doriyaann 5th December 2023 Written Update on

The episode begins with the undisclosed individual pronouncing to Sahiba with out coming in entrance of her that Brightness Sood is right here and the diamond may be with him. Sahiba follows the tonality of the undisclosed individual and is going later him. Sahiba searches for the undisclosed individual. Seerat sees Akaal and Jabjyot opening the warehouse with Angad’s fresh passcode.

Angad and Mannat are proven to be doing a dance efficiency. The undisclosed individual asks Sahiba to store an vision on Brightness Sood with out coming in entrance of her.

Sahiba involves the parking accumulation to catch the undisclosed individual however she isn’t in a position to catch him.

Seerat sees the primary 4 digits of the passcode however she couldn’t see the endmost 2 digits as Jabjyot blocks her visual. Akaal and Jabjyot remove the diamond necklace and reduce from there.

Sahiba involves the birthday party. Sahiba thinks if Brightness Sood loves Mannat why is he now not consuming the wine glass presented through Mannat. Mannat by accident spills the wine on Brightness Sood. Brightness Sood says he’ll come immediately later showering it. Mannat consents.

Seerat involves Angad’s warehouse and thinks if the primary 4 digits constitute a year what it may well be. Seerat thinks that is the year that Angad and her marriage was once about to occur and her sinful pace began. Seerat opens Angad’s warehouse and takes the brown report and leaves from there. Seerat drops her yellowish bangle on the warehouse date she is departure.

The undisclosed individual sends his Goon later Brightness Sood to assault him.

The Goon assaults Brightness Sood and asks Brightness Sood the place is Junune Dil. Brightness Sood will get out of the Goons book and fights with him. The Goon tries to choke Brightness Sood however Sahiba pepper sprays within the Goon’s optic. The Goon runs clear of them.

Brightness Sood asks Sahiba why did she want to intrude when he was once combating with him. Sahiba asks Brightness Sood to prevent his performing and says she is aware of that he’s Angad now not Brightness Sood. Brightness Sood says he isn’t Angad. Sahiba acts as though she is ready to fall from the stairs. Brightness Sood catches Sahiba and asks Sahiba what would occur to him if one thing occurs to her. Sahiba with this confirms that it’s Angad and asks Angad to release his function. Brightness Sood additionally admits that he’s Angad. Sahiba asks Angad why he acted like Brightness Sood. Angad says he didn’t have a call beside doing this and reminds Sahiba about Brightness Sood’s telephone that they discovered in his automotive. Angad says that telephone’s sim disagree is on his identify. Angad says anyone is the use of his identification and is laying a entice for him. Sahiba says to Angad how she met the undisclosed individual. Angad asks Sahiba if she spotted the rest about him. Sahiba says she spotted his footwear and they’re reasonably other and he’s dressed in a masks and he’s speaking the use of a tonality changer.

The Goon yells the undisclosed individual and says anyone stored Angad however he made Angad consider that Junune Dil is with Brightness Sood.

Seerat comes and provides the brown report to the undisclosed individual. Seerat tries to start out the masks of the undisclosed individual however she fails in doing it. The undisclosed individual takes to the air his masks and says to himself that it’s pace for Brar nation to be destroyed taking a look at a damaged reflect. The undisclosed individual is proven to be Garry.

Episode ends.

Precap:- Sahiba is proven to be portray on a canvas. The undisclosed individual asks Sahiba if she will be able to paint him as they know each and every alternative for reasonably an extended pace. Sahiba asks the undisclosed one that is it. Garry comes at the back of Sahiba and asks if she needs to look him. Sahiba will get stunned listening to Garry’s tonality.


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