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Suhaagan Upcoming Story: Payal to burn Bindiya’s hand

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Suhaagan is gearing up for more drama as Payal has already started pretending to be pregnant. Payal is scheming against Bindiya.

In the previous episode, Baldev had a video call with Nidhi. He asked her to meet Indu and informed her about what happened to her. They also discussed a baby.

However, Nidhi remained firm in her decision, which led Pankaj to threaten her with divorce. Meanwhile, Bindiya had an emotional conversation with her baby, but Nidhi asked her to stop and eventually sent them away. Nidhi started experiencing hallucinations of her baby.

To make matters worse, Bindiya accused Nidhi of killing her baby, leaving Nidhi terrified. Dadi informed Krishna that Bindiya is missing, causing him to worry. He called Bindiya and confirmed that she is in the hospital. Nidhi realized her mistakes and apologized to Pankaj. They decided to expose Payal with evidence.

In the upcoming episode, viewers will witness Krishna helping Bindiya complete her Chatt pooja, much to Payal’s displeasure. Payal will push Krishna, causing Diya to fall on Bindiya’s hand. Worried about Bindiya, Krishna will lash out at Payal and break Bindiya’s fasting.

What will happen next? Will Bindiya reveal Payal’s truth to Krishna? Will Krishna develop feelings for Bindiya?

To find out the answers to these questions, keep watching the show and stay tuned to for exclusive updates about your favorite Hindi shows.


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