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Vanshaj 15th December 2023 Written Update: Simone knows DJ’s secret.

Vanshaj 15th December 2023 Written Update on

The episode begins with Neel going to Yuvika’s cabin for work. Simone arranges the dinner table for DJ when he receives a call from Gargi asking him to bring a gift for Ruhi. Simone gets annoyed, but DJ reassures her that he loves only her and not Ruhi. He asks Simone for a gift for Ruhi, which annoys her even more, but DJ manages to convince her.

Neel brings snacks and tea for Yuvika as she was feeling sleepy and yawning. They feed each other while Neel pulls his chair closer to her and teases her. Yuvika thinks Neel might kiss her, so she closes her eyes, but he doesn’t. Neel playfully embarrasses her and promises that her first meeting with the shareholders will be a success. Yuvika notices that their share prices have significantly increased in the last two weeks. She suspects that someone is intentionally manipulating the prices and wonders who could be behind it. Kabir’s associate informs them that they have bought an additional 2 lakh shares. DJ tells Gargi and Dhanraj that Subhadra is filing a case against Bhanu and fighting for her rights.

DJ’s plan is to put pressure on Yuvika. Gargi mentions that DJ’s father-in-law is very happy now and would grant him any request. Bhoomi asks Isha if she is still angry with her and refuses to talk to her. Isha admits that she also gets angry sometimes. Bhoomi apologizes and promises that it won’t happen again. She allows Isha to pursue her career in modeling but promises to be honest with her.

Vidur informs Yuvika that different companies, all owned by a man named Kabir Oberoy, are rapidly buying Mahajan shares. Neel recognizes the name and says that Kabir has a good reputation in the market. Vidur suggests keeping an eye on him. Yuvika decides to meet Kabir in person. Simone visits DJ’s office after learning about Ruhi’s pregnancy and confronts DJ.

DJ gifts Ruhi a necklace set. He throws the bill in the dustbin, but Ruhi finds Simone’s name on it. She calls DJ and tells him about the doctor’s appointment, but he asks her to go alone and he will join later. Gargi reassures her that DJ is busy at the office and not to worry. As Ruhi enters the hospital, Gargi suddenly feels nauseous and asks her to go to the doctor alone while she waits in the car. Bhoomi and Yuvika arrive at the hospital and accompany Ruhi. Ruhi hears her baby’s heartbeat for the first time and promises to be a strong mother.

Precap: Yuvika confronts Kabir.


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