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Pushpa Impossible 15th December 2023 Written Update: Dilip takes Rashi’s name

Pushpa Impossible 15th December 2023 Written Update on

The doctor informs Pushpa’s family about Dilip’s condition. He explains that Dilip is suffering from CT disorder, which was caused by repeated blows to his head from his cellmate. The doctor emphasizes that Dilip can only be cured with the love and support of his family.

Susheela argues with Bapodara, who continues to create trouble for Pushpa’s family. Susheela reminds Bapodara that Chirag and Prathna are married and cannot be separated. Bapodara dismisses Susheela’s concerns and asserts his authority.

Rashi and Chirag discuss how to take care of Dilip. Rashi suggests that Dilip stay in the hall, but Pushpa refuses to even look at him. Rashi convinces Pushpa to stay in her room while she and Chirag take care of Dilip’s needs.

Rashi assigns Chirag the responsibility of managing Dilip’s medication and taking him to the bathroom. Rashi takes charge of Dilip’s physiotherapy.

Juggal calls Pushpa to inform her that he has arrived safely. Pushpa expresses regret for not stopping him from leaving. Juggal asks Pushpa to stay strong and updates her on Dilip’s arrival.

Rashi assures Dilip that he needs to get better soon for her sake. Chirag asks Rashi if she believes Dilip will recover quickly. Rashi remains optimistic and promises to ensure Dilip’s recovery.

Deepti feeds sweets to Ashwin and wishes him the best as he embarks on a fresh start. Manish and Ashwin head to a meeting.

Pushpa confides in Kaku about her predicament. Kaku advises Pushpa to treat Dilip as a patient and handle the situation accordingly.

Uppen informs Manish that Ashwin cannot attend the confidential meeting due to his involvement in tender rigging. Manish tries to convince Uppen to reconsider, but Uppen remains firm in his decision.

Pushpa shows Dilip a photo of Rashi and informs him that Rashi is the reason she is here. Dilip utters Rashi’s name, prompting Pushpa to ask Chirag to call the doctor.

Manish tries to persuade Uppen to give Ashwin another chance, but Uppen refuses. Ashwin leaves the meeting upon hearing this.

Pushpa shares the details of Dilip’s condition with the doctor. The doctor suggests that if Dilip stays with his family, he may recover faster. The doctor then takes his leave.

Rashi reassures Pushpa that she and Chirag will take care of Dilip. Pushpa asks Rashi to hang Dilip’s prescription on the wall. They share a heartfelt hug, and Pushpa silently hopes for Dilip’s speedy recovery.

The episode ends.

In the upcoming episode, Ashwin questions Pushpa about Dilip’s presence. Pushpa asks Ashwin why he is there, and he explains that he came to drop Bhaskar but couldn’t resist checking on Dilip. Ashwin criticizes Pushpa for forgiving Dilip and allowing him to stay, while punishing him for a minor mistake by not letting him call her mother. Ashwin accuses Pushpa of having double standards.


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