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Chand Jalne Laga 15th December 2023 Written Update: Arjun is suspicious

Chand Jalne Laga 15th December 2023 Written Update on

The episode begins with a Malik telling Tara that she must agree to his conditions in order to save her brother. He insists that she break off her engagement and meet him at the place where they first met. He will then reveal his second condition. He emphasizes that Raunaq’s life is in her hands and she must keep her phone with her. The time starts ticking. Meanwhile, Soni scolds Ananya for allowing Tara to leave. She explains that she tried her best to stop her. Amrita and Arjun arrive at the scene. Arjun questions if Tara is ready, but Ananya lies and tells him that she is. Ananya then informs Arjun that Tara is not at home and went to meet Malik. Arjun expresses concern that Malik may have troubled her. Tara returns home and Arjun asks if she is okay, to which she nods. Soni suggests starting the engagement, while the goon asks Malik if their plan is going well. He instructs him not to harm Raunaq and to release him when he calls. Meanwhile, Malik calls Tara and hears Sonu telling them to proceed with the engagement. He sends her a message, leaving Tara feeling nervous.

Arjun is about to put the ring on Tara’s finger, but she apologizes and confesses that she cannot go through with it. Meanwhile, Malik arranges a hawan, thinking that Tara has completed the first condition. However, he believes she may hesitate or back out from the second condition. The relatives gossip about Tara, but Arjun asks them to leave. Soni questions Tara’s intentions and tells her to go through with the engagement. Tara demands an apology from Soni, but Arjun assures her that he doesn’t know the reason for her sudden decision. He promises to help her solve it and asks her not to push him away. Tara insists on leaving.

Tara tries to hitchhike and pleads with Malik for more time to reach their meeting place without harming Raunaq. He has given her 30 minutes and accuses her of being an expert at betraying others. She manages to get a ride, but the car breaks down. Tara starts running and arrives at the haveli just in time. Meanwhile, Arjun checks his engagement ring and remembers Malik’s words. He realizes that Malik is behind everything and wants to go to the haveli to uncover the truth. Tara begs Malik to spare her brother, explaining that she broke off her engagement and arrived on time. She questions why he is punishing her for a childhood incident, insisting that she did not do it intentionally. Tara asks him to forget it, but Malik reveals that it had a lasting impact on his life and shows her the scars he received in jail. He claims that she ruined his childhood days.

Tara becomes emotional upon seeing his wounds and apologizes. Malik then presents a condition. Tara declares that she is willing to do anything for him, and he forcefully takes her into his house. Tara is shocked to see the mandap (wedding altar) there, and Malik proceeds to light the havan.

Episode ends.

Precap: Malik informs Tara that he will snatch away her happiness and asks her to marry him.


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