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Ikk Kudi Punjab Di 16th December 2023 Written Update: Heer and Kuldeep get engaged

Ikk Kudi Punjab Di 16th December 2023 Written Update on BtownMagic.com

The episode begins with Rajwinder urging Heer to ask any questions she has. Despite her hesitation, Rajwinder insists that she must inquire. Beant Singh supports Heer and encourages her to ask whatever she wants. Rajwinder taunts her, saying that even if her relationship breaks, she still has her father by her side. Kuldeep assures Heer that he is also there for her and encourages her to clarify any doubts she may have. Heer is still unsure, but she apologizes for the trouble caused by her tweet. She explains that she only wants to find her friend and not accuse anyone. Heer asks Jarnail if Naina seemed anxious or if there was anything notable about her appearance during their last meeting.

Jarnail explains that there are over 500 workers in the factory, making it difficult for him to remember everyone. Heer requests CCTV footage, but Jarnail informs her that footage older than six months is not retained. However, he allows her to visit the factory and conduct further inquiries there. Naina’s friend possesses a video of her being burnt while Jarnail was present. He feels guilty for not having obtained justice for her and decides to give the video to Heer to expose the Atwal family. Unfortunately, Heer’s phone is with Jasmin, and she misses the call from the unknown number.

Teji questions Rajwinder about slapping Jarnail in front of everyone. Jarnail arrives and tells Rajwinder to hit him on the other cheek as well. Rajwinder instructs Teji to proceed with the engagement ceremony and vows to ruin Heer’s life. Teji tells Kuldeep and Heer to exchange rings, while Ranjeet looks disheartened. Heer gazes at Ranjeet longingly. Suraj Singh informs everyone that media reporters have arrived to cover the engagement ceremony. Navjot becomes excited, anticipating Heer’s photo in the newspaper. Teji gives Kuldeep the ring, and he puts it on Heer’s finger. Ranjeet holds back tears.

Ranjha prays for Heer’s happiness, while Heer continues to look at him. Jasmin also gives Heer the engagement ring. However, Heer’s hand trembles, causing her to drop the ring. It falls right in front of Ranjha, who picks it up and looks at it emotionally. He then gives the ring to Heer with a smile. Finally, Heer places the ring on Kuldeep’s finger, marking the completion of their engagement ceremony. The crowd applauds for them. Teji hugs Heer and blesses her, while Beant Singh tells Navjot that his heart is feeling separated from him, leaving Navjot emotional.

Jasmin also prays for Heer’s happiness. Kuldeep embraces Jarnail, but Jarnail appears annoyed. When Heer tries to touch his feet for blessings, he stops her. Sunny asks Heer whether they should address her as “Chachi Miss.” Naina’s friend is shocked to see the news that Heer is getting married to Kuldeep Atwal. Jasmin hands Heer the phone, revealing that she has been receiving calls from the same unknown number. Heer answers the call but is unable to hear anything. Navjot switches off Heer’s phone. Naina’s friend decides to give the video clip to Heer so that Naina can obtain justice. The episode concludes with Kuldeep expressing his love for Heer, and she hopes that he won’t eventually reveal that she agreed to marry him for the Haveli.


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