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Dabangii – Mulgi Aayi Re Aayi 15th December 2023 Written Update: Arya decides to leave the house

Dabangii – Mulgi Aayi Re Aayi 15th December 2023 Written Update on

The episode begins with Ankush informing Jaanrao that he and Arya are going to participate in a race. Kasturi asks Ankush about it, and he responds with a comment. Satya signals Jaanrao to allow Ankush to participate in the race.

During the race, Arya encourages Ankush to run faster. However, blood is shown seeping out of Ankush’s leg. Satya thinks that if Arya and Ankush win the race, he will have the opportunity to add insult to Ankush’s injury.

In the end, Ankush and Arya emerge as the winners of the race. Arya notices that Ankush is injured and questions why he raced with her despite being hurt. Ankush simply brushes it off as a minor wound.

Later, Tanmay approaches Sai and tells her that she was about to win, but Ankush and Arya surpassed her. Sai pushes Arya and gets into an argument with her. Ankush scolds Sai for her behavior and tells her to behave herself. Bela questions Ankush about how he can speak to Sai in that manner. Ankush explains that he is teaching Sai a lesson.

Satya confronts Ankush and asks him how he could forget about his older daughter while thinking about his new daughter. Arya steps in and tells Satya that Ankush is not her father. Satya insists that Ankush is her father and claims that Rajyavarkar’s blood runs through Arya’s veins. Sai questions Ankush about his true relationship with Arya and expresses her hatred towards him before storming off. This leaves Arya upset, and she also leaves the scene. Satya makes a derogatory comment about Ankush. Avdabai suggests that Ankush and Satya continue their argument in the house.

Ankush tries to stop Arya from leaving and even his father attempts to intervene. However, Arya pushes him away, causing Ankush’s father to get injured.

Kasturi asks Bela to console Sai and mentions that she can’t bear to see her upset. Avdabai takes Sai away, and Bela questions Kasturi about her harsh words towards Sai. Satya arrives and criticizes Bela, stating that Sai also needs to accept the truth.

Arya apologizes to Ankush’s father, who forgives her on the condition that she stays in the house. Arya agrees to his terms.

Arya questions Ankush to confirm that he is not her father. Ankush struggles to answer any of Arya’s questions. In response, Arya swears to find her real father, while Ankush swears to prevent her from discovering the truth.

Ankush approaches Sai and declares his love for her. Sai retaliates, stating that if Ankush truly loved her, he wouldn’t have let Arya win the race. Sai then leaves, leaving Ankush bewildered.

Sai pretends to play in front of Ankush’s father and abruptly leaves the house. This prompts Arya to make the decision to leave as well.

The episode concludes.

Precap: Arya seeks Satya’s help in proving that Ankush is not her father, and Satya agrees to assist her.


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