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Kundali Bhagya 15th December 2023 Written Update: Shaurya follows Palki

Kundali Bhagya 15th December 2023 Written Update on BtownMagic.com

In this episode of Kundali Bhagya, Mahesh instructs the priest to perform the rituals slowly as the groom’s mother is yet to arrive. Preeta walks towards Karan, which scares Rajveer. While Preeta is walking, she accidentally collides with a lady, causing her phone to drop. Preeta bends down to pick up her phone, and Karan approaches her.

Aarohi discusses with Nidhi about how they can stop Preeta. They come up with a plan to create a distraction by cutting off the electricity. They go to the electricity board and remove the fuse, deciding to throw it away.

As the lights go off, everyone becomes worried. Daljeet expresses concern about how the roka ceremony will proceed now. Preeta accidentally falls on Karan, and he catches her. The romantic song “Sajdaa” plays in the background as Karan confesses that he knows he is imagining her. Preeta pushes him away and walks away from him. Shaurya then approaches Preeta, expressing his desire to talk to her, and takes her inside. Rajveer observes this.

The Luthra ladies start to worry about the roka ceremony. Girish mentions that the electricity went off only in their house. Daljeet suggests calling an electrician, but Rishabh decides to call their office electrician instead. Mahesh reminisces about how Preeta entered their lives when the lights went off during Rishabh’s engagement. Rakhi suggests recreating that moment, and Palki volunteers to do so. She asks for lights and fabric, which Rakhi instructs her to find in the storeroom. Palki heads to the storeroom.

Rajveer tries to follow Palki, but Kavya stops him and playfully teases him. Rajveer rushes inside. Dadi suggests that everyone should use their torches, and Karan suggests switching on the air conditioner. Mahesh sarcastically remarks at Karan, and Shanaya wonders where Shaurya went. She informs Daljeet that Shaurya is missing, prompting Kavya to suggest checking the electricity board and fuse. Kavya goes inside to investigate.

Shaurya takes Preeta inside, expressing concern for her well-being. He mentions that Rajveer is occupied with Palki. Preeta tells him to enjoy his love life, but Shaurya reveals that he believes Palki doesn’t truly love Rajveer. However, Preeta disagrees and assures him that Rajveer and Palki love each other deeply. Shaurya confesses his love for Preeta, and she reciprocates, hugging him. He requests her to wait there until the lights come back on and leaves the room.

Palki enters the storeroom, followed by Shaurya, who is captivated by her presence. As Palki searches for the required items, Shaurya secretly follows her.

Aarohi throws the fuse away, and Rakhi questions her about what she threw. Aarohi lies, claiming it was just a piece of paper. Rakhi mentions hearing a noise and suspects that the paper might be important. She decides to investigate further.

The episode concludes.


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