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Dhruv Tara 15th December 2023 Written Update: Rajmata gets angry on Bhavosa

Dhruv Tara 15th December 2023 Written Update on

The episode begins with Rajmata expressing her disapproval of any negative comments about Vallavgarh. Bhavosa argues with Rajmata, but Antara apologizes on her behalf and explains that it’s inappropriate to celebrate while others suffer. Dhruv agrees with Antara and emphasizes the importance of showing compassion for those affected by the disaster. Surya also supports Dhruv’s viewpoint, stating that they should focus on celebrating their victory rather than the loss of others. Bhavosa counters by mentioning how Vallavgarh’s actions led to a curse on Devgarh, which was only lifted after her visits to multiple temples and Surya’s sacrifice. She declares that she will celebrate Vallavgarh’s demise as her family is now safe. Bheera and Bhavosa eagerly await Dhruv’s reaction to decide whether to proceed with his wedding to Meenakshi. However, Dhruv walks away without saying anything. Meanwhile, a servant informs Surya about a man who has been declared a criminal and is in danger of being murdered by the villagers. Surya vows to protect him.

Rajmata becomes angry with Bhavosa and decides to protest against her. She turns to Dhruv for help, expressing her concerns about Bhavosa burning the Gatha. Rajmata warns Dhruv that if he fails to stop Bhavosa, she will wage war against her. Dhruv assures Rajmata that he will handle the situation and prevent Bhavosa from tarnishing Vallavgarh’s reputation.

Dhruv informs Tara that he needs to save a couple from being murdered. Tara worries because Rajmata is already upset with Bhavosa and might take drastic measures to protect Vallavgarh’s honor.

Surya and Antara disguise themselves and arrive in the village to rescue the endangered couple. Surya decides to announce their marriage to prevent any harm. Antara approaches the widow, while Surya searches for the man.

Bheera notices that Rajmata and Dhruv were about to react when Bhavosa announced her plan to burn the Gatha. Surya and Antara manage to convince the couples to get married.

Bhavosa proceeds with the burning of the Gatha and starts the celebration. Dhruv and Rajmata are worried as they watch the fire. Dhruv tries to save the Gatha and successfully extinguishes the flames. Bhavosa questions Dhruv’s actions and threatens to cancel the wedding. Bheera also questions Dhruv’s motives, highlighting his upcoming marriage to a girl from Devgarh and his decision to save the book. Dhruv reveals that it wasn’t the Vallavgarh Gatha, but rather the Devgarh Gatha. Bhavosa is surprised by this revelation. Meenakshi becomes concerned when she sees that Dhruv burned his hand to save the Devgarh Gatha. Bheera realizes that Dhruv is quite clever.

Dhruv shares with Tara that he is happy for the couple. Tara asks him how he managed to save the Vallavgarh Gatha. Dhruv explains that he swapped the Gatha with another book, and Rajmata helped him obtain the Devgarh Gatha. Tara praises Dhruv for his intelligence and references the incident with Samrat Singh.

Sona and Chandi gift a special bird to Meenakshi, claiming that it is intelligent and can uncover the truth. They advise Meenakshi to take the bird to Dhruv. The bird recognizes Dhruv, leading Sona to inform Bheera of its success.

In the upcoming episode, Bheera informs Bhavosa that the bird has recognized Dhruv. Meanwhile, Surya decides to set the bird free.

Precap: Bheera informs Bhavosa about the bird’s recognition of Dhruv. Surya plans to release the bird.


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