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Barsatein-Mausam Pyaar Ka 15th December 2023 Written Update: Jai requests Neeta to postpone the ritual

Barsatein-Mausam Pyaar Ka 15th December 2023 Written Update on

The episode begins with Jai informing Bhakti that he and Aradhana need to leave because his family is waiting for them to perform the Mooh Dikhayi ritual. Bhakti blesses him and gives him gifts before going inside with Jakruti. Aradhana receives a call from Reyansh, which Jai notices and asks her to answer, but she refuses. So, Jai gets into the car. Reyansh appears in front of them and breaks a glass, shocking Aradhana. She cries seeing his injured hand but still gets into the car and leaves with Jai. Reyansh is determined to make Aradhana return to him.

Later, Aradhana keeps receiving calls from Reyansh. She answers but refuses to meet him despite his pleas and disconnects the call. Reyansh gets upset and continues to call her. Aradhana locks her phone in the cupboard and decides to go out, but Varun arrives and gives her his phone. Aradhana realizes Reyansh is on the other side, so she scolds him and asks Varun not to answer his calls. However, Reyansh keeps calling, so Aradhana breaks the phone, shocking Varun. She apologizes to him and receives a call from Reyansh through the Khurana’s house workers and guests. This angers Aradhana, but she ends up answering Reyansh’s call. Reyansh compliments her, but Aradhana scolds him for his torturous behavior. Reyansh asks her to meet him one last time, but Aradhana firmly refuses. She also challenges him to see her Mooh Dikhayi. Reyansh warns her about her stubbornness, but Aradhana remains determined not to give in to his request.

During Jai and Aradhana’s Mooh Dikhayi ceremony, the guests praise them. They also discuss the drama that happened during their wedding, which makes Neeta tense. Neeta distracts the guests with jokes and suggests starting the ceremony. The guests compliment Aradhana. Meanwhile, Reyansh watches everything through a video call. Aradhana decides to prove Reyansh wrong. One of the guests suggests exchanging rings between Jai and Aradhana. Aradhana makes Jai wear the ring. Suddenly, Reyansh sees a truck in front of him and drives towards it, causing a car crash. Jai, Aradhana, and the guests hear the crashing sound. Aradhana sees an injured Reyansh and faints. Jai gets worried.

Meanwhile, Reyansh is taken to the hospital. The hospital staff informs each other that Reyansh has passed away. Aradhana regains consciousness and leaves the place, shocking Jai. Jai asks Neeta to manage the guests and then goes after Aradhana. Varun mocks Neeta and questions what she plans to do. Neeta calls Bhakti and tells her about Aradhana’s actions, along with the humiliation they have to face because of it. Bhakti becomes worried and tries to defend Aradhana’s actions but fails.

Jai and Aradhana reach the accident spot, where a man informs them that he believes Reyansh is dead. Aradhana shouts at him and rushes to the hospital with Jai. Meanwhile, Neeta insults Bhakti, who struggles to respond. At the hospital, Jai and Aradhana learn that Reyansh is indeed dead, but Aradhana refuses to believe it. She shouts at the police officer when he asks her to confirm Reyansh’s identity. Both Aradhana and Jai are shocked to see that it is indeed Reyansh.

In the upcoming episode, Aradhana continues to receive continuous calls and appears scared. Jai takes her to a doctor and explains everything about her behavior. The doctor suggests that Aradhana may be in shock. Later, Aradhana feels Reyansh’s presence and calls out to Jai for help.


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