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Kavya Ek Jazbaa Ek Junoon 15th December 2023 Written Update: Adi fails to locate Kavya

Kavya Ek Jazbaa Ek Junoon 15th December 2023 Written Update on

The episode begins with Kavya noticing that the temperature is rapidly dropping and becomes concerned.

Adi talks to Mayank on the phone and Mayank asks if he has found Kavya. Adi informs him that they are still searching for her and asks Mayank not to inform their parents about Kavya. Anjali overhears their conversation and asks Mayank who he was talking to. Mayank denies talking to anyone and quickly leaves.

Adi and Amanpreet arrive at the Godown with the police. Adi calls out for Kavya, who is struggling with the freezing temperature. Adi continues to shout for her.

Kavya remembers telling Mayank once that they should cover their legs and head to prevent the heat from escaping their bodies.

Adi and the others search for Kavya. Adi discovers a cold storage room and wonders why the temperature is dropping so rapidly.

In the cold storage room, Kavya wraps whatever she can find around her hands, feet, and head to keep warm. Amanpreet asks Adi what he is looking at, and Adi explains that it is a cold storage room and suspects that it may not be functioning properly.

The inspector calls Amanpreet and informs him that they have not found Kavya within a 5km radius. Adi insists that they must find Kavya no matter what.

Kavya starts hallucinating and imagines Adi coming to the cold storage room to talk to her. Adi becomes increasingly worried about Kavya.

Omi visits Giriraj and tells him that Adi will not come as he is searching for Kavya. Omi expresses his desire for Giriraj to give him a chance, but Giriraj reminds Omi of the consequences of his actions 14 years ago in Basant Kheri that have affected their lives till today.

Kavya hears Adi calling out for her. The inspector informs Adi that they have not found anything. Adi insists that Kavya is in the cold storage room.

Kavya dreams of Adi encouraging her not to give up. She goes to the door and calls for help. Adi continues to shout for Kavya, and she hears his voice.

Anjali asks Mayank to drink milk and talks about Kavya. Mayank embraces Anjali and reveals that Kavya has gone missing. Anjali questions why he didn’t inform her earlier.

Kavya tries to hint to Adi that she is in the cold storage room by making a love symbol and sending it through the gap in the ground and the door. However, Adi does not notice the symbol.

The episode ends.

In the upcoming episode, Adi opens the door to the cold storage room and finds the love symbol. Kavya loses consciousness in the cold storage.


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